Cooll Cat Amigurumi Free Pattern

We continue to share amigurumi animal patterns with you for free. This amigurumi cooll cat pattern will impress you very much. To create the Ofeich Cat, we need:  · Mohair yarn. I have a mohair 50g / 475m in 3 threads  · 1.25 hook or under your yarn  · Yarn for string bag and hook … Read more

Cat Jeremy Amigurumi Free Pattern

Wonderful amigurumi animal patterns meet you on this site for free. In this article, I shared the amigurumi cat jeremy pattern. Required materials and tools:  Yarn – Gazzal Baby Cotton half-cotton 50g / 165m, color No. 3430 (gray), color  No. 3438 (dark blue), color No. 3431 (jeans), color No. 3432 (white), color No. 3443  (Red poppy)  Hook №2  Filler – holofiber  Beads for eyes with a diameter of 6mm  A bit of black, white and pink yarn for embroidery  Needle for stitching, scissors, pins, marker for knitting  Cut fabric size 27 * 9 cm (for scarves)  … Read more

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