Aris Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

I am sharing amigurumi free patterns. Aris doll amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you in this article.


Yarnilrt Jeans-white 62, peach 78, black (for eyelet embroidery. ) 

Pekhorka children’s novelty-cappuccino 187 (for hair) 

Safety eyelets 8mm. 

Blush for cheeks. 

Long needle for stitching and embroidery. 

Hook 1,75 Filler for toys 

My doll is crocheted with a cross stitch. 

When using these materials, it turns out 28-29cm. 

This master class is free. It is forbidden to sell the master class. When publishing it in knitting publics, social networks and publishing your READY works, please indicate the link to my instagram 


Sc – single crochet 

Hdc – half double crochet. 

Dc-double crochet 

sl-st – slip stitch 

without a crochet. 

) * 6p-number of repetitions. 

inc – increase. 

Dec. – decrease. 




2) (inc) *6 (12sc) 

3) (1sc, inc) *6 (18sc) 

4) 1sc,inc (2sc, inc)*5p, 1sc (24sc) 

5) (3sc, inc) *6 (30sc) 

6) 2sc,inc (4sc, inc)*5p, 2sc (36sc) 

7) (5sc, inc) *6 (42sc) 

8) 3sc, inc (6sc, inc) *5, 3sc (48sc) 

9) (7sc, inc) *6 (54sc) 

10) 4sc, inc (8sc, inc) * 5, 4sc (60sc) 

11) (9sc, inc) *6 (66sc) 

12) 5sc, inc (10sc, inc) * 5, 5sc (72sc) 

13-26) 72sc 

27) 5sc,dec(10sc, dec) *5, 5sc (66sc) 

28) (9sc, dec) *6 (60sc) 

29) 4sc, dec(8sc, dec) * 5, 4sc (54sc) 

30) (7sc, dec) *6 (48sc) 

31) 3sc, dec(6sc, dec) * 5, 3sc (42sc) 

32) (6sc, dec) *6 (36sc) 

33) 2sc, dec(4sc, dec)* 5, 2sc (30sc) 

34) (Зsc, dec) *6 (24sc) 


Insert eyes between 


Distance between eyes 

10 bars 

We tighten the mouth between 

7-8r. (from the bottom) 

The nose is embroidered between 

12-13 p. 

Nose Width 


1) 7sc into magic ring (do not connect the row into a circle) 


white color 

1) 11ch, in the second loop from the hook 9sc, inc, on the other side of 9sc. 

2-11) 20sc 

12) 1sc, 11hdc, 1sc, 7dc (20sc) 

13) 12sc, 8sc behind the front wall (20sc) 

14) 1sc for front wall, 19sc (20sc) 

15) 20sc 

16) white 2sc, beige 18sc behind the back wall. (20sc) 

17) 2sc rear wall,18sc (20sc) 

18-20) 20sc 

21) 2sc, inc, 10sc, inc, 6sc (22sc) 

22-25) 22sc 

26) (3sc, dec) *3, 7sc (19sc) 

27) 19sc 

28) (3sc, inc)*З, 7sc (22sc) 

29-30) 22sc 

31) 3sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 6sc (25sc) 

32-40) 25sc 

41) beige 5sc, white 20sc (25sc) 

42) 5sc, 20sc per rear Art. (25sc) 

43) 5sc rear Art., 20sc (25sc) 

44) 25sc Work 8sc, fold in half, work 12sc together. 


1) Join legs, work in front sts, 12sc in one side of leg, flip-12sc in other side of leg in front sts. 12 sc on one side of the leg, flip, 12 sc on the other side of the leg. (48sc) 

2-11) 48sc 

Let’s go running. 

12) for the ass. loops 11sc, dec, 22sc, dec, 11sc (46sc) 

13-14) 46sc 

15) 11sc, inc, 22sc, inc, 11sc (48sc) 

Switching to white 

16) 48sc 

17) 48sc per rear wall. 

18-26) 48sc 

27) (6sc, dec) *6 (12sc) 


28) (5sc, dec) *6 (30sc (rear) 

29) 36sc 

30) (4sc, dec) *6 (30sc) 

31 (3sc, dec) *6 (24sc) 

32) 24sc per rear wall 

33-35) 24sc 


1) 8sc into magic ring 

2) (inc) *8 (16sc) 

3-34) 16sc 

35) 8dc, 8sc (16sc) 

Connect, knit together 8sc, grab the sen by the front loops. 

We fill the handles to the middle, not tight, so that they do not stick out. 

Sew in the 27th row. 

Tie socks, shorts and T-shirt sc. 

Make a tightening of the eye and mouth. Sew on all the details. 

Attach hair and your Arishka is ready! 

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