Carla Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share amigurumi free patterns. In this article, amigurumi carla doll free pattern is waiting for you.


Inc- increase 

Dec- decrease 

Sc- single crochet 

Ch- chain 

Sl-st- slip-stitch 

Knitting by taking from the back of the blo loop 

Threads used are peria xl, alize extra for hair. Crochet used 2.20 mm 

bead fiber 

Electric string 

Baby’s height, 42 cm 


1. Magic ring, 6 sc 

2. 6Inc.(12) 

3. (1sc, 1inc)*6 (18) 

4. (2sc, 1inc) *6 (24) 

5. (3sc,1inc)*6 (30) 

6. (4sc, 1inc) *6 (36) 

7. (5sc,1inc)*6 (42) 

8. (6sc, 1inc)*6 (48) 

9. (7sc, 1inc)*6 (54) 

10. (8sc,1inc)*6 (60) 

11. 60sc 

12. 60sc 

13. 60sc 

14. 60sc 

15. 60sc 

16. 60sc 

17. 60sc 

18. 60sc 

19. 60sc 

20. 60sc 

21. 60sc 

22. 60sc 

23. 60sc 

24. 15sc, (1inc,1sc)*3, 6sc, (1inc,1sc)*3, 27sc (66) 

25. 66sc 

26. 66sc 

27. 66sc 

28. 66sc 

29. 66sc 

30. 66sc 

31. (9sc,dec)*6 (60) 

32. (8SC,dec)*6 (54) 

33. (7SC,dec)*6 (48) 

34. (6SC,dec)*6 (42) 

35. (5SC,dec)*6 (36) 

36. (4SC,dec)*6 (30) 

37. (3SC,dec)*6 (24) 

38. (2SC,dec)*6 (18) 

39. (7sc,dec)*2 (16) Sl-st, cut 1ch rope. 


1. 5sc into the magic ring 

2.5inc. (10) 

3. (4sc,inc)*2 (12) 

4. 12sc 

5. 12sc 

6. 12sc 

7. inc,11sc (13) 

8. 4pcs popcorn, 12sc (13) 

9. 3sc,dec, (2sc,dec)*2 (10) 

10. (3sc,dec)*2 (8) 

11. 8sc 

12. 8sc 

13. 7sc, inc (9) 


15. 9sc 

16. 9sc 

17. 8sc, inc (10) 

18. 10sc 

19. 10sc 

20. 10sc 

21. 10sc 

22. 10sc 

23. 10sc 

24. 9sc, inc (11) 

25. 11sc 

26. 11sc 

27. 11sc 

28. 10sc,inc (12) 

29. 12sc 

30. 12sc 

31. 12sc 

32. 11sc,inc (13) 

33. 13sc 

34. 13sc 

35. 13sc 

36. 12sc,inc (14) 

37. 42. Cut 14sc (6 rows) sl-st, 1ch rope. 

Knit the same way on the other arm. 

Foot and Leg 

1. 10 chains. 9.chain 1sc,7sc, same chain 3sc, 7sc, 1inc, sl-st 

2. 1ch, 1inc, 7sc,3inc, 7sc, 2inc, sl-st 

3. 1 ch, 1sc, 1inc, 7sc, (1sc,inc)*3, 7sc, (1sc,inc)*2, sl-st 

4. 1ch, 2sc, 1inc, 7sc, (2sc,inc)*3, 7sc, (2sc,inc)*2, sl-st 

5. 1 ch, 38sc with Blo 

(We knit by turning, without making sl-st after the blo) 

6. 38sc 

7. 38sc 

8. 10sc, (1sc,dec)*6, 10sc 

9. 10sc, 6dec, 10sc 

10. 7sc, 6dec, 7sc 

11. 2sc, dec, 3sc, 3dec, 3sc, dec, 2sc (15) 

12.15. 15sc 

16. 1inc(16) from the back middle 

17.19. 16sc 

20. 1inc(17) from the back middle 

21.23. 17SC 

24. 1inc.(18) from the back middle 

25.27. 18sc 

28. 1inc(19) from the back middle 

29.34 19sc, (6 rows) 

(We make the knee protrusion in the 35th and 38th rows. If the knee does not coincide exactly in front, you can knit by shifting 1 or 2 sc from the numbers I have given) 

35. 3sc,dec, 14sc 

36. 1sc, 3dec, 4sc, 4inc, 3sc (19) 

37. 19sc 

38. 3inc, 4sc, 4dec, 4sc (18) 

39. 18sc 

40. 1inc(19) from the back middle 

41. 19sc 

42. 1inc (20) from the back middle 

43.44. 20sc 

45. 1inc(21) from the back center 

46.47. 21sc 

48. 1inc(22) from the back center 

49.50. 22sc 

51. 1inc(23) from the back middle 

52.53. 23sc 

54. 1inc(24) from the back center 

55.62. Cut 24sc (8 rows) sl-st, 1ch rope. (We do not knit the second leg this way and cut the rope.) 


We center the legs and connect them with 3 chains. 

(I did the joining from the back of the body. I wrote the numbers accordingly.) 

1. 24sc leg on 3sc chain, 24sc leg on 3sc chain (54sc) 

we insert the marker here. 

2.11. 54sc (We knit 10 rows without increasing or decreasing.) 

12. 9sc, (1dec,1sc)”3, 18SC, (1dec,1sc)*3, 9sc (48) decrements will be sideways 

13. (6sc,1dec)*6 (42) 

14. (5sc,1dec)*6 (36) 

15.19. 36sc (5 rows) 

20. 9sc, 1inc, 17sc, 1inc, 8sc (38) increase will come sideways 

21.22. 38sc 

23. 10sc, 1inc, 18sc, 1inc, 8sc (40) increase will come sideways 

24.26. 40sc (3 rows) 

27. 15sc, 3inc,5sc, 3inc, 14sc (46) 

(to make breasts increase, let’s make sure it is centered in front of the body) 

28. 15sc, inc, 5SC, INC, 4sc, inc,5sc, inc, 13sc (50) 

29.31. 50sc (3 rows) 

32. 15sc, dec, 5SC, dec, 4SC, dec, 5SC, dec, 13sc (46) 

33. 16SC, 34, 5sc, 3dec, 13sc (40) 

arm joint 

34. 10sc, 3sc with arm, 17sc, 3sc with arm, 7sc (40) 

35. 10sc, 11sc from arm, 17sc, 11sc from arm, 7sc (56) 

36. 9sc, 1dec, 9sc, 1dec, 15sc, 1dec, 9sc, 1dec, 6sc (52) 

37. 9SC, 1dec, 7sc, 1dec, 15sc, 1dec, 7SC, 1dec, 6sc (48) 

38. 9SC, 1dec, 5SC, 1dec, 15sc, 1dec, 5SC, 1dec, 6sc (44) 

39. 9sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1dec, 15sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1dec, 6sc (40) 

40. 8sc, 4dec, 11sc, 4dec, 5sc (32) 

41. 7sc, 3dec, 10sc, 3dec, 3sc (26) 

42.5sc, 3dec, 7sc, 3dec, 2sc (20) 

43. 5sc, 2dec, 6SC, 2dec, 1sc (16) 

44.48. We cut 16sc (5 rows) of thread long to sew. 

Centering the eye on the ear on the head, 21,22,23,24. I knit in a row. (There will be 7sc between the end of the eye and the ear. We make sc in the first hole, 2 hdc in the 2nd hole, 2 hdc in the 3rd hole, sc in the 4th hole and cut the rope.) 


46 chain, back 45 sc,8 chain (will be buttonhole) back 

45sc, return, 1ch (knit 8 rows this way), pull 8ch and make 2nd buttonhole. 

17SC, 3inc, 5sc, 3inc, 17sc back, 1ch 

17SC, 1inc, 5sc, 1inc, 4sc, 1inc, 5sc, 1inc, 14sc, back, 1ch 

We knit 2 rows without increasing or decreasing 

17sc, 1dec, 5SC, 1dec, 4SC, 1dec, 5SC, 1dec, 14sc back, 1ch 

17sc, 3dec, 5SC, 3dec, 17sc, back, 1ch 

7sc, 10ch, skip 10 sc, 11sc, 10ch, skip 10sc, 7sc, come back, 8 ch (3rd buttonhole) make 45sc finish. 

We move on to the skirt part of the dress. 45 hdc on chain at waist, ipikes 

Cut 2 hdc(90) threads in each hole on 45 hdc 

90 hdc, cut the rope, 90 hdc, after that, we combine it with sl-st without cutting the rope, pass to the upper row with 2 chains and knit by turning. (I knitted 11 rows for skirt length) 

Knit 1 row of sc, for pattern at hem, knit 5 tacks in 1 hole, skip 1 sc into 2nd. 

Skip 1 sc. 2nd sc to 5 hdc. Knit in this way until the end of the row. 


12 ch, 1sc, 8sc, 3sc into 1 hole, 8sc, 1inc, sl-st 

1 ch, 1inc, 8sc, 3inc, 8sc, 2inc, sl-st 

1ch, 1sc, 1inc, 8sc, (1sc, 1inc)*3, 8sc, (1sc, 1inc)*2, sl-st 

1 ch, 2sc, 1inc, 8sc, (2sc, 1inc)*3, 8sc, (2sc, 1inc)*2, SL-ST 

Blo 42sc, sl-st 

1ch, 42sc or, sl-st 

1ch, 42sc, sl-st 

1ch, 12sc, (1sc, 1dec)*6, 12sc, sl-st 

1ch, 12sc, 6dec, 12sc, sl-st 

Pull 1ch, 8sc, 30 chains and sink into the same sc, finish with 14 slip-stitch, 8sc, sl-st. 

(The other shoe is knitted the same, but this row is knitted as 8sc,14 slip-stitch, 30 chain, 8sc) finished. It can be made a bow and sewn upon request. 


Sh, 6sc, 


(1sc, 1inc)*6 

(2sc, 1inc)*6 

(3sc, 1inc)*6 

(4sc, 1inc)*Cut 6 threads (we knit two pieces) 

We combine the 2 parts with sc and draw a chain for the handle of the bag. We skip 12 sc and combine. You can knit and sew flowers, ribbons to decorate. 


I knitted it like a shoe sole and tied it in the middle, I pulled a chain from the end according to the head and attached it to the other end. 

May it be easy for those who will knit. If you get stuck, you can ask. 

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