Christmas Tree Amigurumi Free Pattern

Christmas tree amigurumi doll free pattern is waiting for you in this article. You can find Amigurumi free patterns on our website.


1 skein 50g (199m) green, 

1 skein of red. 

1 skein yellow 

½ skein white 

2 safety eyes 15mm 

Hook #3 

wool needle 


Sc = single crochet 

inc = increase 

dec = decrease 

Ch = chain 

Sl-st = slip stitch 

HDC = half double crochet 

incHDC= 2HDC to increase 



Part 1 

Rg1 : 10HDC into magic ring 

Row2 : 10HDC 

Row3 : *1HDC, 1incHDC*5 = 15HDC 

Row4 : 15HDC 

Row5 : *2HDC, incHDC*5 = 20HDC 

Row6 : 20HDC 

Row7: *3HDC, incHDC*5 = 25HDC 

Row8 : 25HDC 

Row9 : *4HDC, incHDC*5 = 30HDC 

Row10 : 30HDC 

Row 11: *5HDC, incHDC*5 = 35HDC 

Row12: 35HDC 

Row 13: *6HDC, incHDC*5 = 40HDC 

Row14 : 40HDC 

Row 15 : *7HDC, incHDC*5 = 45HDC 

Row16: 45HDC 

Row17: *8HDC, incHDC*5 = 50HDC 

Row18 : 50HDC 

Row19: *9HDC, incHDC*5 = 55HDC 

Row20 : 55HDC 

Row21: *10HDC, incHDC*5=60HDC 

Row22 : 60HDC 

Row23: *11HDC, incHDC*5= 65HDC 

Row24: 65HDC 

Row25 : *12HDC, incHDC*5 = 70HDC 

Row26 : 70HDC 

Row27: *13HDC, incHDC*5 = 75HDC 

Row28 : 75HDC 

Row29 : *14HDC, incHDC*5 = 80HDC 

Row30 : 80HDC 

We cut the thread, leaving the end for sewing 

Part 2 

Row 1: 10HDC into magic ring 

Row2: 10incHDC = 20HDC 

Row3: *1HDC, incHDC*10 = 30HDC 

Row4 : *2HDC, incHDC*10 = 40HDC 

Row5 : *3HDC, incHDC*10 = 50HDC 

Row6: *4HDC, incHDC*10 = 60HDC 

Row7: *5HDC, incHDC*10 = 70HDC 

Row8 : *6HDC, incHDC*10 = 80HDC 

Fill and sew both parts 


Row 1: yellow. We collect a chain of 250CH. 

Fasten around the tree 


Row 1: red. 6sc into magic ring 

Row2: 6inc = 12s 

Row3: *sc, inc*6 = 18 

Row4: *2sc, inc*6 = 24 

Row5-6: 24sc 

Row7: *2sc, dec*6 = 18 

Row8: *4sc, dec*3 = 15 

Row9: 15sc in front half st 

Row 10-12: 15sc, sl-st. Cut the thread and hide 

Row 9: green. We knit for the back half loops * 3sc, inc * 3. 

Row 10-23: 15sc 

Row 24: Stuff. Fold in half and knit 7sc. 

Leave the thread for sewing 

Star 2pcs 

Row 1: yellow. 5sc into magic ring 

Row2: 5inc = 10 

Row3: *1sc, inc*5 = 15sc 

Row4: *2sc, inc*5 = 20sc 

Row5: *3sc, inc*5 = 25sc 

Now we knit rays (5pcs) 

Row 1: 5 sc, 1CH, turn 

Row2: 5sc, 1CH, turn 

Row3 : dec, sc, dec, 1CH, turn (=3) 

Row 4: 3sc, 1CH, turn. 

Row 5: Work 3sc together. We knit 4 more rays. 

We fold the two parts inside out to each other, sew, gradually filling. 


Row 1: green. 6sc into magic ring 

Row2: 6inc = 12sc 

Row3: *1sc, inc*6 = 18sc 

Row4: *2sc, inc*6 = 24sc 

Row5-6: 24sc 

Row7: *2sc, dec*6 = 18sc 

Row 8-9: 18sc, we fasten the thread, cut it, leaving the end for sewing. We stuff and sew 

Eyes (2pcs) 

Row 1: White. 6sc into magic ring 

Row2: 6inc = 12sc 

Row3: *1sc, inc*6 = 18sc 

Row 4-5: 18sc. 

We fasten the thread, cut it off, leaving the end for sewing. 

Insert a bead. 

We sew, filling a little. 

Eyelids (2pcs) 

Row 1: green. 6sc into magic ring 

Row2: 6inc = 12sc 

Row3: *1sc, inc*6 =18sc 

Row4: *2sc, inc*6 = 24sc 

Row 5: Fold in half and work 12sc. 

We fasten the thread, cut it, leaving the end for sewing. 

We sew all parts to the body. Embroider the mouth and decorate according to your imagination 

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