Confused Teddy Bear Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share amigurumi free patterns. In this article, confused teddy bear amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you.


This description is for personal use only.

Forbidden to sell descriptions.

When publishing finished works, it is advisable to indicate

the author of the description.

The company consists of three pussies friends.

They are connected according to one description. But only from different yarns and decoration

different faces.

Robert – the muzzle and nose are rolled, knitted from wool mixture,

designed for knitting socks, but she was so well pushed that the bear

It turned out so wonderful.

Plump yarn 150m in 100g, hook No. 1.75, bear height 28cm.

With such a thickness of yarn, 1.5 hanks leave (approximately, maybe even

less but more than 1 skein)

Murzilka – the nose is molded from plastic, it can be replaced with a button

or find a suitable ready-made nose, there are many options!

It is crocheted of yarn Adelia Valerie, 146m in 100g, hook number 1.5, height 23cm.

Grabs one hank

Natalya Brutskaya

Crochet iris and nose, yarn Cotton grass, 220m in 100g,

hook No. 1,5, height 19 cm. About half a skein.

The bears of the feet made of finishing yarn. If there is not enough basic yarn, then

You can also tie the ears and trim. Still, everyone has different knitting,

different density. And yarn is consumed in different ways. Therefore, I write about yarn

approximate consumption.


ch – CHAİN

inc – increase

dec – decrease

sc – single crochet

sl-st – slip-stitch



2 details.

1p-6sc. into magic ring

2p-6xinc = 12p

3p- (1sc., Inc) x6 = 18p

4p-5p-18sc (2 rows)

6p- (4sc., Dec) x3 = 15p


8p- (dec, 3sc.) X3 = 12p

9p-23p-12sc (15 rows)

Cut off a piece of wire equal to the length of our hand, bend the ends with

two sides so that they do not pierce the canvas, and insert into the hand.

Gradually around the wire add filler to the handle. Immediately

give it a shape. The wire is needed for the flexibility of the bear’s handle.



2 details.

The legs are soft without insoles, but if there is a desire, then the size of the sole

cut out the insole from the dense material and insert after 8 rows into the leg.

We knit the sole from yarn of a finishing tone.

7 ch

We start knitting in the second loop of the chain.

1p – 5sc, 3sc in one loop, on the second side of the chain

 4sc, inc = 14p

Next, we knit in a circle.

2p- inc, 4sc, 3xinc, 4sc, 2inc = 20p

3p- (1sc, inc), 4sc, (1sb, inc) x3, 4sc, (1sc, inc) x2 = 26p

4p- (2sc, inc), 4sc, (2sb, inc) x3, 4sc, (2sc, inc) x2 = 32p

We pass to the main yarn

5p-8p -32sc

9p – 6sc., (Dec, 1sc.) X6, dec, 6sc = 25p


11p- 6sc., 7dec, 5sc = 18p

12p-20p -18sc (9 rows)

Add filler.

21p- (1sc., Dec) x6 = 12p



(knit from bottom to top)

1p-6sc. into magic ring

2p-6xinc = 12p

3p- (1sc, inc) X6 = 18p

4p- (2sc, inc) X6 = 24p

5p- (3sc, inc) X6 = 30p

6p- (4sc, inc) x6 = 36p

7p- (5sc, inc) x6 = 42p


9p- (6sc, inc) x6 = 48p

10p-21p- 48sc (12 rows)

22p- (6sc., Dec) x6 = 42p


24p-11sc., Dec, (1sc., Dec) x6., 11sc = 35p


26p-10sc., Dec, (1sc., Dec) x4., 11sc = 30p

27r-32r -30sc (6 rows)

33p- (3sc., Dec) x6 = 24p

34p- (2sc., Dec) x6 = 18p

35p- (1sc., Dec) x6 = 12p

Add the filler, put the mount to attach the head


(from neck to crown)

1p-6sc. into magic ring

2p-6xinc = 12p

3p- (1sc, inc) X6 = 18p

4p- (2sc, inc) X6 = 24p

5p- (3sc, inc) X6 = 30p

6p- (4sc, inc) x6 = 36p

7p- (5sc, inc) x6 = 42p

8p- (6sc, inc) x6 = 48p

9p- (7sc, inc) x6 = 54p

10p- (8sc, inc) x6 = 60p

11p- (9sc, inc) x6 = 66p

We connect the body and head in any way that is convenient for you-mount.

12p-13p – 66sc (2 rows)

14p-4sc., Dec, (9sc., Dec) x5, 5sc = 60p


16p- (dec, 8sc.) X6 = 54p

17r-18r – 54sc (2 rows)

19p-3sc., Dec, (7sc., Dec) x5, 4sc = 48p


21p- (dec, 6sc) x6 = 42p


23p-2sc., Dec, (5sc., Dec) x5, 3sc = 36p


25p- (dec, 4sc) x6 = 30p

26p- (3sc., Dec) x6 = 24p

27p- (dec, 2sc.) X6 = 18p

Add filler.

28p- (1sc., Dec) x6 = 12p


Natalya Brutskaya


1p-6sc. into magic ring

2p-6xinc = 12p

3p- (1sc., Inc) x6 = 18sc



From finishing yarn, we knit in rotary rows, at the end of each row

do ch

3 ch

We start knitting in the second loop of the chain.

1p-incx2 = 4p ch turn

2p-inc, 2sc., Inc = 6p ch rotation

3p-inc, 4sc., Inc = 8p ch turn

4p-inc, 6sb, inc = 10p ch turn

5r-10r-10sc (6 rows)

11p-dec, 6sc., Dec = 8p ch rotation

12p-dec, 4sc., Dec = 6p ch rotation

13p-dec, 2sc., Dec = 4p ch rotation


Tie around the entire face of the muzzle 1 row sc.


It’s best for the knitting to be very dense, non-transparent,

then the spout will keep its shape, yarn in the likeness of Iris. To crochet

to choose from 1-1,2


into the second loop from the hook

1p- inc, 2sc., 4sc in one loop of the base,

 on the other side of the chain 2sc., inc = 12п

2p- (1sc., Inc) x6 = 18p

3p- (2sc., Inc) x6 = 24p

4p-24sc break the thread, leave for sewing


Before assembly, comb the whole teddy bear. On the head, all flew to do

up there and twist such a forelock.

Murzilka does not have eye linings. But Robert and Iris can.

The trimming is very simple. Insert the needle behind the head, right almost near the neck

and bring out where the eyes will be.

T.K. The eyes of the bear are very close to each other, then you can

just with one stitch immediately grab a small area under the eyes and

back to the neck again. There, pull the thread a little and fasten.

Robert, he has a felted nose and a muzzle, but if you do not know how to wallow, then that’s it

it can be connected.

A description of the muzzle and nose is given for the Iris. But it’s easy for Robert

it’s only suitable to take the yarn under your hook with which you knit Robert,

to get in size.

The eyes were blinded from plastic and glued there so blue as if pupils.

The size of the peephole is determined by the size of your teddy bear and its muzzle,

so that all this is commensurate!

Embroider the eyebrows, you can embroider near the eyes such wrinkles, a smile.

The nose is very large, we will decorate it for attractiveness with any

accessories-stewar- snowflake, flower.

In the ears and on the heels you can sew fabric. Cut in size and

sew on. On the heels of the seam should be so prominent, rough, and in

ears neatly with a hidden seam.

Murzilka – on the face there is a convex part, it is not even centered

head, but it turns out a little lower. That’s where we glue the nose. Any

what do you have. Blinded from plastic, ready, you can even pebble

glass for the aquarium, paint black and stick.

Eyes finished with a white felt backing. Do not do bear too much

big eyes will not be very!

My Murzilka has 8mm. The location of the eyes relative to the nose,

look at the photo. Glued eyes.

And now let’s take centuries.

The main yarn to tie a chain of air loops equal to the length of the eye

so that it is slightly covered from above.

I had 6 ch. From the second loop of the chain, tie 5sc.

Knit 2 such details. Pin them with needles to the eye and sew

neatly with a hidden seam. I usually take a suitable bobbin thread

colors. The thread is strong, thin, in the fluffy skin is not visible. And a needle


Then we will embroider a mouth and eyebrows. I embroider Iris in one thread. Eyebrows

get high, closer to the crown.

You can apply a little tint. Be sure to cheek and where embroidered

edges, slightly shade them.

You knit an iris-muzzle at will, either from finishing yarn or,

like my bear, from the main one. Sew on. Tie your nose, stuff it tight,

so that he was so upright. Sew on.

Iris eyes are ready. I just stuck them.

We connect the handles and legs with a thread mount.

All!!! Our teddy bears are ready!

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