Cool Girl Amigurumi Free Pattern

In this article I will share with you amigurumi cool girl free pattern. We always keep you up-to-date with Amigurumi.


sc = single crochet

ch = chain

inc = increase

dec – decrease

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet



1st row: magiic ring into 6sc (6)

2nd row: 2inc, 4sc (8)

3rd and 4th row: 8sc (8)

5th row: 3inc, 5sc (11)

6th and 7th row: 11sc (11)

8th row: 1sc, 2dec, 3sc, 1dec, 1sc (8)

9th to 33rd row: 8sc (8)


The right leg will not have row 41.

1st row: 8ch, 1inc, 5sc, 4sc on the same basis point, 5sc, 1 inc (18)

2nd row: 1inc, 6sc, 4inc, 6sc, 1inc (24)

3rd row: 24sc (24)

4th row: 6sc, 10hdc, 8sc (24)

5th row: 6sc, 5dec, 8sc (19)

6th row: 6sc, 3dec, 7sc (16)

7th row: 4sc, 3dec, 6sc (13)

8th row: 3sc, 3dec, 4sc (10)

9th to 12th row: 10sc (10)

13th row: 9sc, 1inc (11)

14th row: 11sc (11)

15th row: 10sc, 1inc (12)

16th to 21st row: 12sc (12)

22nd row: 2dec, sc (10)

23rd row: 4sc, 2inc, 4sc (12)

24th row: 12sc (12)

25th row: 4sc, 1dec, 2sc, 1dec, 4sc (10)

26th row: 10sc (10)

27th row: 9sc, inc (11)

28th row: 11sc (11)

29th row: 10sc, 1inc (12)

30th to 40th row: 12sc (12)

41st row: 4sc, 1sc (5) – left leg only.


Join the legs to form the body:

41st row: 10sc on the right leg, 5ch and connect to the left leg with 1 sc, 11sc, 5sc on the connecting ch,

2sc (34)

42nd row: 10sc, 5sc on connecting chs, 19sc (34

43rd `47th row: 34sc (34)

48th row: 2sc, 2dec, 13sc, 2dec, 11sc (30)

49th row: 30sc (30)

50th row: 1sc, 2dec, 10sc, 2dec, 11sc (26)

51st row: 26sc (26)

52nd row: (2dec, sc) 2 times (22)

53rd row: 22sc (22)

54th row: (1dec, 9bx) 2 times (20)

55th to 63rd row: 20sc (20)

64th row: (1dec, 8sc) (18)

65th row: 18sc (18)

66th row: Connect the arms, crochet the point of the arm and the body at the same time and do 1sc, and do the 7 sc

remaining arm. (18)

67th row: 2sc, 1dec, 2sc, 8sc, 2sc, 1dec, 2sc, 6sc (24)

68th row: (1sc, 1dec, 2sc, 1dec), 1sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1dec, 2sc (18)

69th row: 1sc, (1dec, 1sc) 5 times, 1dec (12)

70th row: 6dec (6)


1st row: magiic ring into 6sc (6)

2nd row: 6 inc (12)

3rd row: (1sc, 1inc) 6 times (18)

4th row: (2sc, 1inc) 6 times (24)

5th row: (1sc, 1inc, 2sc) 6 times (30)

6th row: (4sc, 1inc) 6 times (36)

7th row: (2sc, 1inc, 3sc) 6 times (42)

8th row: (1inc, 13sc) 3 times (45)

9th to 17th row: 45sc (45)

18th row: (1dec, 13sc) 3 times (42)

19th row: (2sc, 1dec, 3sc) 6 times (36)

20th row: (1dec, 4sc) 6 times (30)

21st row: (1sc, 1dec, 2sc) 6 times (24)

22nd row: (1dec, 2sc) 6 times (18)

23rd row: (1dec, 1sc) 6 times (12)

24th row: 6 dec (6)

25th `28th row: 6sc (6)

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