Cowgirl Amigurumi Doll Free Pattern

I am sharing wonderful amigurumi free patterns with you. Cowgirl amigurumi doll free pattern is waiting for you in this article.


Our ropes: 

Gazzal Baby Cotton 

Skin color:3412 

jeans color:3431 


White: 3432 

Tassel color: 3461 

Coffee with milk: 3424 

Black: 3433 



Eye processing: 

Domino black 10cm 

thick wire / pipe Enough fiber 


ch: chain

sl-st: slip stitch

sc: single crochet

dec: decrease

inc: increase



1) Magic ring into 6sc 

2) 6inc (12) 

3-6) 4row 12sc 

7)(1dec,4sc)* 2 (10) 


9)(1dec,3sc)* 2 (8) 

10) 8sc with pink color 

11) Blo 8sc 

12)8sc (pink) 

13-14) 8sc (white) 

15-16) 8sc (pink) 

17-18) 8sc (white) 

19-20) 8sc (pink) 

21-22) 8sc (white) 

23-24) 8sc (pink) 

25-26) 8sc (white) 

27-28) 8sc (pink) 

NOTE: In the 11th row, let’s knit 1 row of sc in the remaining loops of the row we knitted from the blo run and we 

let’s hide Let’s just fill the hand part with fiber, not the arms. 


With boot color 

1) Magic ring into 6sc 

2) 6inc (12) 


4)3inc,9sc (15) 

5)(1inc, 1sc)* 2 .11sc (17) 

6-8)3row 17sc 

9)1dec, 4sc, 1dec,9sc (15) 

10)1dec,2sc1dec,9sc (13) 

11)2sc1dec,9sc (12) 

12-13) 12sc 

Switching to skin color 

14) Blo 12sc 

15-44) 30row 12sc 

We will knit 2 pieces of this piece and continue from the body without cutting the second yarn. 

NOTE: In the 14th row, let’s attach our boot-colored thread to the outside loops of the row we knitted from Blo november and knit 2 rows and hide our thread. 


We continue with skin color 

45) After knitting the 2nd leg, we make 3 more sc. We pull 6ch and continue from the last loop of the other leg 12sc ,6sc on 6ch, 12sc on the other leg, 6sc on 6ch, (36) 

46-50) 5row 36sc 

51) Let’s move on to 12sc pink, 36sc (this is the beginning of the row now) 

52)36sc (pink) 

53-54) 36(white) 

55-56) 36sc (pink) 

57)36sc (white) 

58)with white(4sc,1dec)* 6 (30) 

59) 30sc with pink 

60)with pink (34.1dec)*6 (24) 

61-62) white with 24sc 

63-64) 24sc with pink 

65-66) white with 24sc 

67-68) 24sc with pink 

69)white with 24sc 

70) with white (2sc,1dec)*6 (18) 

71) Switching to skin color, (1sc,1dec) *6 (12) 

72-74)3row 12sc 

Note: Those who want to knit the head and the body together can continue by jumping to the 3rd row of the head section after the 74th row. For those who want to knit separately, they can continue as written in the recipe. 

1) Magic ring into 6sc 

2) 6inc (12) 

3)(1sc, 1inc)*6 (18) 

4)(2sc,1inc)*6 (24) 

5)(3sc,1inc)*6 (30) 

6)(4sc, 1inc)*6 (36) 

7)(5sc,1inc) *6 (42) 

8)(6sc,1inc)*6 (48) 

9)(7sc,1inc)*6 (54) 


11)(8sc,1inc)*6 (60) 


13)(9sc, 1inc)*6 (66) 


15)(10sc,1inc)*6 (72) 

16-20)5row 72sc 

21)(10sc,1dec)*6 (66) 


23)(9sc,1dec)*6 (60) 


25)(8sc,1dec) (54) 


27)(7sc, 1dec) (48) 

28)(6sc,1dec) (42) 

29)(5sc,1dec) (36) 

30)(4sc, 1dec) (30) 

31)(3sc, 1dec) (24) 

32)(2sc,1dec) (18) 

33)(1sc,1dec) (12) 

34) 6dec 

Let’s collect it with a needle and close it. Let’s not forget to fill the fiber. 

You can do eye processing using pictures. 


1) Magic ring into 8sc 

2)8inc (16) 

3)(1sc,1inc)*8 (24) 

4)(2sc, 1inc)*8 (32) 


6)(3sc,1inc)*8 (40) 

7)(4sc,1inc)*8 (48) 


9)(5sc, 1inc)*8 (56) 

10)3sc,1inc, (6sc,1inc)*7, 3sc (64) 


Note: We attach the desired length of rope hair to all 64sc and we knit a beylik from both sides, from the front to the front, we add four more strands of hair in the size of bangs, approximately six to seven stitches for bangs. 


1) Magic ring into 5sc 

2)5inc (10) 

3)(1sc,1inc)*5 (15) 

4)(2sc,1inc)*8 (20) 

We knit two pieces from this piece and combine them with 1ch. 

5)20sc from first piece, 1sc on 1ch, 20sc from second piece, 1sc on ich (42) 

6)(20sc, 1inc)*2 (44) 

7) increase from the sides (46) 

8-12)5row 46sc 

13)increase from the sides (48) 


15)increase from the sides(50) 

16)(4sc, 1inc)* 10 (60) 


18)14sc,10ch going back 2nd 9sc, 1inc, 29sc, 10ch going back 2nd 9sc, 1inc, 15sc 

19) 13sc, 1inc, (to the other side of the chains we knit in the previous row)8sc, 2inc, 8sc, 1inc, 29sc, 1inc, 8sc, 2inc, 8sc, 1inc, 16sc 

20)(3sc,1inc)*3, 25sc, (1inc, 3sc)*7, 28, (1inc,3sc)*4 

21)27sc, 3inc, 57sc, 3inc, 29sc 

22) 16sc, 1TRDEC,10sc, 2inc, 10sc, 1TRDEC,35sc, 1TRDEC,10sc, 2inc, 10sc,1TRDEC,19sc 

23) 15sc, 1TRDEC,8sc, 1inc, 4sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1TRDEC,34sc, 1TRDEC,8sc, 1inc, 4sc,1inc, 8sc, 1TRDEC,17sc 

Note: We make reverse sc around the edges of our hat with black thread. 

*You can fill the mounds with light fiber so that the form does not deteriorate. 

* Let’s sew two rows from the back, not from the place where we made the reverse sc, so that the edges of our hat can stand up. 


We pull 25ch and connect the two ends 


3)Flo 25sc 

4-10) 7row 25sc 

*We knit two pieces of this piece and combine them with 2sc. 

11)25sc, 2sc on 2 ch, 25sc, 2sc on 2ch 

12)(7sc,1dec)*6 (48) 


14)(6sc,1dec)*6 (42) 


16)10sc, 1dec, 19sc, 1dec, 9sc (40) 

17-21) 5row 40sc 


We pull 60ch and make 60sl-st on it and sew it to our shorts. We shape the junction with brown thread as in the picture. 


When we knit our vest, we pull 1 ch at the end of each row and knit by returning. 


1)3sc, 1TRINC, 5sc, 1TRINC, 7sc, 1TRINC, 5sc, 1TRINC, 3sc 

2)4sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1inc, 4sc 

3) Skip 5sc, 1inc, 6ch, 8sc to 9th stitch, 1inc, 11sc 1inc, 6ch, 8sc to 9th stitch, 1inc, 4sc 

4) Skip 1sc to 5sc, 6sc to 6ch, 15sc, 6sc to 6ch, 4sc, 1dec, 

5)4sc, 1dec, 5sc, 1dec, 11sc, 1dec, 5sc, 1dec 

6)5sc, 1dec, 19sc, 1dec, 5sc 

7-9) 3 rows sc in whole row 

10-11) 1inc, sc across entire row 

12-19)8row sc in whole row 

Let’s sc around our vest. 

And let’s wear our tassels using the pictures. 

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