Crochet Puppy Dog Amigurumi Free Pattern | DIY Toy Tutorial

Welcome to our adorable world of crochet! If you’re searching for a charming project to bring to life, look no further than our Amigurumi Puppy Dog Free Pattern. This delightful crochet toy tutorial will guide you through every stitch, ensuring you create a cuddly companion that’s as cute as can be. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this pattern is perfect for all skill levels. So grab your yarn and hook, and let’s crochet a lovable puppy together!

Hello! I managed to come up with my own puppy))) Probably, like any craftsman, I’m proud of my toy, and I hope you’ll like it too. Of course, I want to learn how to nicely decorate, photograph, for some reason, at first, there was just a desire to crochet and simply show the result, but now that’s not enough, and I need to improve… 

Since I’m trying to write instructions for the first time, please don’t scold me too much))) 

So, here’s what we’ll need: 

Any yarn and a crochet hook of 

the appropriate size, 


Bead eyes. 

I won’t write “single crochet” in every line, I’ll just indicate the number of stitches, and where needed, “sc” and “ss” will be specified. Some people write instructions using commas, but I find it more convenient to use plus signs. 

“2 ch” means a turning chain. 

“ch” – chain stitch. 

Stage 1: 

The legs and body are crocheted as one piece, stuffed as you go. 

Start with the color for the booties. 

Row 1: 7 ch (crochet from the 2nd chain from the hook 3sc+4+5sc+4+ss=18 

Row 2: 2ss+3+3sc in ss+3ss from ss+3ss+3+ss=24 

Row 3: (1+ss)*2+3+3ss+(1ss+ss from ss)*3+3ss+4+ss+2 ch=30 

Row 4: crochet in back loops only 30 

Rows 5-6: 30 

Row 7: 9+6dec+9=24 

Row 8: 8+4dec+8=20 

Row 9: 7+3dec+7=17 

Row 10: 17 

Row 11: 17+2 ch 

Row 12: 17 in front loops only. Secure the thread and cut. 

Row 13: Attach the body thread to the remaining back loops, crochet 17sc. 

Row 14: 17 

Row 15: (1+ss)*8+1=25 

Rows 16-17: 25 

Our leg is ready, crochet one more. Secure the thread on one leg, leave a loop on the other, and continue crocheting: 

Row 18: 8 around the leg+9 ch+25+9 around the ch+17=68 

Row 19: 68 

Row 20: 42+(ss+1)*5+16=73 

Row 21: 73 

Row 22: 25+(1+dec)*3+30+(dec+1)*3=67 

Rows 23-28: 67 

Row 29: (dec+1)*3+10+ (1+dec)*6+22+ (dec+1)*3=56 

Rows 30-31: 56 

Row 32: 30+dec+15+dec+7=54 

Row 33: 54 

Row 34: (7+dec)*6=48 

Rows 35-36: 48 

Row 37: (6+dec)*6=42 

Rows 38-40: 42 

Row 41: (5+dec)*6=36 

Rows 42-44: 36 

Row 45: (4+dec)*6=30 

Rows 46-48: 30 

Row 49: (3+dec)*6=24 

Row 50: 24+5 ch 

Leave a long tail for sewing. 

Stage 2: 

Head. Start with the color for the muzzle, stuff as you go. 

Row 1: 6 ch 

Row 2: 6ss=12 

Row 3: (1+ss)*6=18 

Row 4: (2+ss)*6=24 

Row 5: (3+ss)*6=30 

Rows 6-10: 30 

Row 11: 1ss+(3ss in 1)*6+1ss+22=42 

Rows 12-13: 42 

Change the yarn color. 

Row 14: (6+ss)*6=48 

Row 15: (7+ss)*6=54 

Row 16: (8+ss)*6=60 

Rows 17-22: 60 

Row 23: (8+dec)*6=54 

Row 24: (7+dec)*6=48 

Row 25: (6+dec)*6=42 

Row 26: (5+dec)*6=36 

Row 27: (4+dec)*6=30 

Row 28: (3+dec)*6=24 

Row 29: (2+dec)*6=18 

Row 30: (1+dec)*6=12 

Row 31: (dec)*6=6 

Secure the thread 

. Sew to the body. 

Stage 3: 

Ears (make 2) in brown color. 

Row 1: 6 ch 

Row 2: 6ss=12 

Row 3: (1+ss)*6=18 

Row 4: (2+ss)*6=24 

Row 5: (3+ss)*6=30 

Rows 6-8: 30 

Row 9: (3+dec)*6=24 

Rows 10-11: 24 

Row 12: (2+dec)*6=18 

Rows 13-14: 18 

Row 15: (1+dec)*6=12 

Row 16: 12 

Leave a tail for sewing, sew to the head. 

Stage 4: 

Tail. Start with brown color. 

Row 1: 6 ch 

Row 2: 6ss=12 

Row 3: 12 

Change to body color and crochet to desired length, stuff loosely, sew on, use the same thread to make a little bulge on the belly (optional). 

Stage 5: 

Arms. Start with brown color, stuff loosely. 

Row 1: 6 ch 

Row 2: 6ss=12 

Row 3: (1+ss)*6=18 

Row 4: (2+ss)*6=24 

Rows 5-7: 24 

Row 8: (2+dec)*6=18 

Row 9: 18 

Change to body color. 

Rows 10-13: 18 

Row 14: (7+dec)*2=16 

Rows 15-19: 16 

Row 20: (6+dec)*2=14 

Rows 21-22: 14 

Row 23: (5+dec)*2=12 

Rows 24-26: 12 

Sew to the body. 

Stage 6: 

Nose. Brown or black color. 

Row 1: 6 ch 

Row 2: 6ss=12 

Rows 3-4: 12 

Row 5: (1+dec)*4=8 

Stuff and sew to the tip of the muzzle, embroider the mouth, eyebrows, and whiskers. 

You can make a bulge for the mouth. 

Slightly stuff the eyes area and sew on beads. 

For the scarf, crochet a chain of the desired length and single crochet around, sew a decorative button on. 

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