Blue Scarf Snowman Amigurumi Free Pattern: Crochet Your Own Winter Buddy!

Welcome to the whimsical world of crochet! With our Blue Scarf Snowman Amigurumi Free Pattern, you can bring the magic of winter indoors. This delightful pattern offers step-by-step instructions to create your very own charming snowman companion, complete with a cozy blue scarf. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this project promises hours of joy and creativity. Let’s dive in and craft a cuddly friend to brighten up the cold winter days!

The size of the finished toy is about 24 cm, 

depends on the density of knitting, material, and 



For the snowman, Himalaya Dolphin yarn 

white color (1 skein), 

Yarn for the hat and scarf, I have Himalaya 

Super Soft 200g-328m, you can take 

another yarn with the same thickness. 

Denim yarn for the nose and 2.0 mm hook 

Hook № 4.0, needles 4.0 

Eyes 10mm, 

Buttons 15mm 


MR – magic ring 

sc – single crochet 

inc – increase 

dec – decrease 

sl st – slip stitch 

hdc – half double crochet 



Stuff the body as you knit, give it shape. 

1st round) MR 6sc 

2nd round) inc in each st around (12) 

3rd round) sc, inc repeat 6 times (18) 

4th round) 2sc, inc repeat 6 times (24) 

5th round) 3sc, inc repeat 6 times (30) 

6th round) 4sc, inc repeat 6 times (36) 

7th round) 36sc in the back loop only 

8th round) 5sc, inc repeat 6 times (42) 

9th round) 6sc, inc repeat 6 times (48) 

10th round) 7sc, inc repeat 6 times (54) 

11th-14th round) 54sc, 4 rounds 

15th round) 7sc, dec repeat 6 times (48) 

16th-17th round) 48sc, 2 rounds 

18th round) 6sc, dec repeat 6 times (42) 

19th-20th round) 42sc, 2 rounds 

21st round) 5sc, dec repeat 6 times (36) 

22nd-23rd round) 36sc, 2 rounds 

24th round) 4sc, dec repeat 6 times (30) 

25th round) 30sc, 2 rounds 

26th round) 3sc, dec repeat 6 times (24) 

27th round) 24sc 


1st round) MR 7sc 

2nd round) inc in each st around (14) 

3rd round) inc, sc 7 times (21) 

4th round) inc, 2sc 7 times (28) 

5th round) inc, 3sc 7 times (35) 

6th round) inc, 4sc 7 times (42) 

8th-12th round) 42sc, 6 rounds 

Insert eyes between rounds 9-10, 

4-5 stitches apart. 

13th round) 4sc, dec repeat 7 times (35) 

14th round) 3sc, dec repeat 7 times (28) 

15th round) 2sc, dec repeat 7 times (21) 

16th round) 1sc, dec repeat 7 times (14) 


Denim yarn, hook 2.0 

1 Row: MR 5sc 

2 Row: 5sc 

3 Row: inc, sc, inc, 2sc (7) 

4 Row: 7sc + inc, sl st, leave a tail for sewing 


1 Row: MR 6sc 

2 Row: inc, sc for 3 rounds (9) 

3 Row: 9sc 

4 Row: 4sc, 3hdc in 1 st, 4sc (9) 

5th-12th) 9sc, 8 rounds 

Fold and crochet 4sc on both sides 

Sew the head, hands on the 3rd round from the neck, nose, shape the muzzle as in the photo. 

Next, knit the set, switch to needles. 


Cast on 8 stitches, knit 1×1 ribbing for about 38cm. Choose the length 

yourself. Attach a loop to the scarf, thread both ends of the scarf through it, so 

they don’t tie. Cast on 6-7 stitches, knit 1×1 ribbing for about 20 rows, so 

the ends of the scarf can easily be pulled through as shown in the photo. 


Cast on 61 stitches, knit 1×1 ribbing for 8 rows, then switch to the main pattern and 

knit 7 rows. Start decreasing. 

16th round) edge st., 10 st, dec * 5 rounds (56) 

17th round) edge st, 9 st, dec * 5 rounds (51) 

18th round) edge st, 8 st, dec * 5 rounds (46) 

19th round) edge st, 7 st, dec * 5 rounds (41) 

20th round) edge st, 6 st, dec * 5 rounds (36) 

21st round) edge st, 5 st, dec * 5 rounds (31) 

22nd round) edge st, 4 st, dec * 5 rounds (26) 

23rd round) edge st, 3 st, dec * 5 rounds (21) 

24th round) edge st, 2 st, dec * 5 rounds (16) 

25th round) edge st, 1 st, dec * 5 rounds (11) 

Draw the hole closed, sew the edges. Make a pompom and sew it to the top. 

Your Snowman is Ready))) 

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