Goat Bruno Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share amigurumi free patterns. Goat bruno amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you in this article.


CH – chain

SC – single crochet 

HDC – half double crochet 

DC – double crochet 

dec (3sc dec 1sc) – double decrease (three half loops on the hook) 

SL-ST – slip stitch

INC – increase 

dec – decrease 

(………) * br – knit specified in brackets 6 times 

FLO – front loop 

BLO – back loop 

TURN – turn the row. 


Horns 2pcs 

Knit with brown thread in a circle. 

1.6sc into magic ring (6) 

2.6sc (6) 

3.inc, 5sc (7) 

4.inc, 6sc (8) 

5.inc, 7sc (9) 

6.inc, 8sc (10) 

7.inc, 9sc (11) 

8.inc, 10sc (12) 

9.12sc, sl-st thread cut 

Ears 2pcs. 

Knit with beige and white (at your discretion) thread in rotary rows. 

We collect 7 CH, we knit in the 2nd from the hook. 

1.1sc, 2hdc, 2dc, 5dc in 1, 2dc, 2hdc, 1sc, CH, turn (15) 

2.1sc, 2hdc, 3dc, 3inc dc, 3dc, 2hdc, 1sc, CH, turn (18) 

3.2sc, 3hdc, in brackets we knit dc (1, inc, 1sc, 2inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc), 

3hdc, 2sc, CH, turn (22) 

4.4sc, 2hdc, 4dc, 2inc dc, inc d2c, dc, hdc, sc, sl-st (not full row) 

cut the thread. 

Eyes 2pcs. 

Knit with milk thread in rotary rows. 

Cast on 6ch, knit in 2nd from the hook. 

1.inc, 4sc, ch, turn (6) 

2.inc, 4sc, inc in 1st CH (on the other side of the chain), 4sc, ch, turn (12) 

3.5sc, 2inc, 5sc, ch, turn (14) 

4.6sc, 2inc, 3sc, 2hdc, 2dc in 1, also 2ch and sl-st (17) 

cut off the thread. 

4th row for the second eye is knitted mirrored 2ch … 


Knit with white thread (at your discretion) in rotary rows 

1.6 into magic ring (6), ch, turn 

2.6inc (12), ch, turn 

3. (1sc, inc) ‘6 (18), ch, turn 

4.18sc, sl-st, leave a little thread for hemming. 


Who wants to be fully dressed, we knit according to the first description 

both handles, for a zasasanny sleeve the second description, we knit 


You will come across rows where you will need to knit for BLO and LOOP, 

we knit by the back loops, the last loop is not 

we knit to the end, pulling the thread towards ourselves between two 

loops from sc, and ends with sc with a burgundy thread. 

You can knit a row in burgundy, or you can immediately turn it over 

arm up and tie the harness by the front loops. 

! At 7m, knit for BLO burgundy, and with the hoof upside down 

tying in blue, the same in 8m, knit a row 

burgundy and burgundy strapping for LOOP, only you can 

make a thread immediately from the other end of the skein, but you can 

return after tying your hand. 

Marker STRICTLY on the back of the hand. 

Cast on 6ch with brown thread, knit from the 2nd from the hook. 

1st option dressed sleeve 

1.4sc, 3sc in 1, 3sc, inc (12) 

2-3. 12sc 

4. (3sc, inc) ‘3 (15) 

5.15sc, crop 

6.blue (4sc, inc) ‘3 (18) 

7. Bordeaux for BLO 18sc, 

blue for LOOP 18hdc, sl-st – holding the hole down, cut 

8.Bordo for BLO 18sc 

Bordeaux for LOOP 18hdc, sl-st (do the harness holding the hole up) 

9-13. 5 rows 18sc 

14-17. Bordeaux repeat 4 rows – dec, 6sc, 2inc, 6sc, dec (18) 

18-25. 8 rows 18sc, sl-st cut the thread. 

2nd option, with a zakazanny sleeve 

1.4sc, 3sc in 1, 3sc, inc (12) 

2-3. 12sc 

4. (3sc, inc) ‘3 (15) 

5.15sc, crop 

6.beige (4sc, inc) ‘3 (18) 

7-11) 5 rows 18sc, cut off 

12.blue 18sc 

13.blue for BLO 18sc 

for LOOP 18hdc, sl-st – (do the harness holding the hole 

up, cut off) 

14-17. 4 rows burgundy 

dec, 6sc, 2inc, 6sc, dec (18) 

18-25. 8 rows 18sc, sl-st cut the thread. 

Legs 2pcs. 

! The marker is strictly along the heel to the very top of the leg. 

! Glue the insole before knitting the heel. 

! We insert the frame at a convenient leg stage. 

We start knitting with brown thread 9ch, from the 2nd from the hook: 

1.inc, 6sc, 3sc at 1, 6sc, inc (19) 

2.1sc, inc, 6sc, 3inc, 6sc, inc, 1sc (24) 

3.inc, 1sc, inc, 5sc, hdc, (inc hdc, hdc) ‘3, 6sc, inc, 2sc, sl-st 

(30) cut off 

4.find 8 middle loops on the top of the sole, in the first 

attach the thread behind BLO and now we will knit with rotary 

in rows and do sl-st into the next loop of the sole, at the end 

there should be 14 free heel loops. 

! After sl-st, you can do CH if you are not comfortable. 

Korich. ‘7sc, sl-st, turn 

“7sc, sl-st, turn 

‘3sc, inc, 3sc, sl-st, turn (8) 

“8sc, sl-st, turn 

‘3sc, inc, 4sc, sl-st, turn (9), cut off 

Mustard. “9sc, sl-st, turn 

‘9sc, sl-st, turn 

“9sc, sl-st, turn 

‘9sc, sl-st, turn 

“4sc, inc, 4sc, sl-st, turn (10) cut off 

Now two heel options 

1c-✓left 14loop find 8yu (middle of the heel) and 

we attach a white thread and for BLO 

-7sc heel, 10sc top, 7sc heel (24) 

-6sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 6sc (22) 

-5sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 5sc (20), cut off 

– bitterness. 5sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 5sc (18), thread on itself, attach 


-run for BLO 18sc (we will knit for her further) 

bitter for LOOP 18sc, sl-st, cut off 

Back to the loose loops of the sole, turn 

soles up, attach brown thread, tie 

30sl-st, cut off. 

2in-✓ with white thread on free 14 and loops behind BLO 

pivoting rows, starting from the first loop 

-14sc, sl-st for the top, turn 

-14sc, sl-st for the top, turn 

-14sc, sl-st for the top, turn 

-14sc, sl-st for the top, turn (6 loops left on the top) 

-14sc on the heel, on the top- dec, 2sc, dec, sl-st (18) cut off 

Find the middle loop on the heel, attach the mustard thread 


-run for BLO 18sc 

bitter for LOOP 18sc, sl-st, go back to loose outsole loops, 

tie sl-st 

As soon as we decide which shoe to leave, 

we return to the beige thread and continue to knit the leg 

6.beige 18sc 

7.inc, 16sc, inc (20) cut off 

8.blue 20sc 

9.for BLO inc, 18sc, inc (22) 

behind LOOP 20hdc, sl-st, heel down (strapping) 

10-12. 3 row 22sc 

13.2dec, 5sc, 4inc, 5sc, 2dec (22) 


15.9sc, 2dec, 9sc (20) 


17.inc, 18sc, inc (22) 

18.inc, 20sc, inc (24) 

19-20. 24sc, sl-st, do not break off the right thread 

We continue to knit the body with a blue thread. 

! Marker on the right side of the leg, after tying the tail M 

transferred to the middle of the back. 

1.6sc for the first leg, 3ch, 24sc for the second leg, 3sc for CH, 

18sc on the first leg (54) 

2.inc, 5sc, by CH – 1sc, inc, 1sc, 5sc, inc, 18sc, 3inc, 18sc (60) 

3. (9sc, inc) ‘6 (66) 

4.9sc, dec (3sc dec 1sc), 30sc, 2inc, 22sc (66) 

5.8sc, dec (3sc dec 1sc), 15sc, inc, 31sc, inc, 7sc (66) 

6.7sc, dec (3sc dec 1sc), 8sc, inc, 45sc, inc, 1sc (66) 

7.6sc, dec (3sc dec 1sc), 6sc, inc, 49sc, inc, (66) 

8.knit a tail – wind a brown thread around two fingers in 6- 

8 turns, then into the resulting ring with a beige thread 

to knit 

– 2sc, CH, turn 

repeat this line until you get the length you need 

tail, in the last row do 

-1sc, inc, sl-st (3), cut off 

Back to the body 

-4sc, put tail 1 + 1loop of tail together, dec (3sc dec 1sc) + 1loop of tail, 

1 + 1loop tail, 8sc, inc, 43sc, inc, 4sc + 5sc till new 

marker (middle) (66), cut the thread, attach the blue 

9. blue 66sc, pull the thread forward for tying 

10.bordo for BLO 66sc 

behind LOOP (keep hole down) blue 

2ch, 3dc, 5hdc, 10sc, 8hdc, 5dc, 1d2c, into one (1d2c, 3ch, sl-st), into one (sl-st, 3ch, 1d2c), 1d2c, 5dc, 8hdc, 10sc, 5hdc, 3dc, sl-st in 2nd CH, trim. 

‼ From the 11th to the 14th rotary rows, you can knit in a spiral. 

11.bordo for BLO 66sc, CH, turn 

for LOOP strapping 66hdc, sl-st (keep the hole down), 


12.vn. Art. (9sc, dec) ‘6 (60), sl-st, CH, turn 

13. by ext. Art. 60sc, sl-st, CH, turn 

14.vn. Art. 60sc, sl-st, CH, turn, down the spiral 

15. (4sc, dec, 4sc) ‘6 (54) 

16-18. 54sc 

19. (7sc, dec) ‘6 (48) 

20-21. 48sc 

22. (3sc, dec, 3sc) ‘6 (42) 

we will continue to tie our hands 

! MARKER strictly in the middle of the back to the end of the neck 

! When you put your hands on, the stitching of the air loops, 

which was done when dialing the pens should lie along 

thighs, in the position of the hand at the seams, and choose medium 

6loop. I knit, I do the next row, if it’s crooked 

or I don’t like it, I dress it up right away. 

23.10sc, 6sc + 6loop hands, 10sc, 6sc + 6loop hands, 10sc (42) 

24.9sc, dec (3sc dec 1sc) (1loop + 2loop arms), 9sc on arm, dec (1loop arms + 1loop), 8sc 

on the body, dec, 9sc on the arm, dec (3sc dec 1sc), 9sc (48) 

25. (3sc, dec, 3sc) ‘6 (42) 

26. (5sc, dec) ‘6 (36), crop 

27.Blue 36sc 

28.Beige for BLO 36sc 

blue for LOOP – collar (keep the hole down) 

2ch, 2dc, 4hdc, 5sc, 2hdc, 3dc, 1d2c, in one (1d2c, 3ch, sl-st) 

and mirrored the second side – (sl-st, 3ch ….) crop 

29.Beige (4sc, dec) ‘6 (30) 

30. (3sc, dec) ‘6 (24) 


32. (2sc, dec) ‘6 (18) 

33.18sc, sl-st trim 


! Marker on the side of the muzzle 

We cast with white thread 11ch, from the 2nd from the hook we knit 

1.inc, 8sc, 4sc at 1, 8sc, inc (24) 

2.2sc, 2inc, 3sc, 2inc, 4sc, 2inc, 5sc, 2inc, 2sc (32) 

3.2sc, 2inc, 8sc, 2inc, 4sc, 2inc, 8sc, 2inc, 2sc (40) 

4. (3sc, inc) ‘2, 4sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 4sc, (inc, 3sc)’ 2 (48) 

5-6. 48sc 

7. (3sc, dec, 3sc) ‘6 (42) 


9. (5sc, dec) ‘6 (36) 

10.5sc, 8sc + 8loop lips (Inject randomly 4loop s 

two halves, starting and ending with the edges of the part), 23sc (36) 

11.23sc, 6inc (brown), 7sc (42) 

12.42sc (12sc on the nose brown -6inc 11th row) 

13.bel 23sc, beige (inc, 1sc) ‘3, (1sc, inc)’ 3, bel 7sc (48) 

14.48sc (18sc on the nose beige) 

15.48 white 

16.48sc white + 10sc to the center of the chin, carry over 

marker, trim white thread 

! Eyes put dc in different directions, horns with strings each to 

friend, ears sl-st down. 

Beige thread 

17.10sc, 9sc + 9loop eyes, 10sc, 9sc + 9loop eyes, 10sc (48) 

18.10sc, on the eye- (6sc, brown 5sc, 6sc), on the forehead 1sc, 

8hdc (we knit all hdc tighter in each row), 1sc, over the eye – 

17sc, 10sc (64) 

19.10sc, 17sc for the eye, 3hdc, 4inc hdc, 3hdc, 17sc for the eye, 

10sc (68) 

20.32sc, 4inc, 32sc (72) 

21. (11sc, inc) ‘3, (inc, 11sc)’ 2, inc, 7_incomplete row 

Prepare the ears, wrap one end of the ear and randomly 

choose 5loops for knitting. We keep the body with our back to us 

head facing forward, apply to each other. We find in 

neck in front of 8 middle loops and start to knit 

22.8loop of the neck + 8loop of the head together, 3sc on the head, 3inc, 4sc, 5sc + 

5loop ear, 6sc + 6loop horn, 28sc, 6sc + 6loop horn (apply horn 

mirrored), 5sc + 5loop of the ear, 4sc, 3inc, 3sc (8sc is not taken into account, 

76) + 5sc on the remaining neck loops, put the MARKER 

23.5sc on the neck, dec, 11sc, 5sc (ear), 6sc on the loops of the horn, 28sc, 

6sc on the loops of the horn, 5sc (ear), 11sc, dec, 5sc on the neck (84) 

! Insert eyes and fix, or stick after finishing 

knitting head. 

24-25. 84sc 

26. (6sc, dec, 6sc) ‘6 (78) 

27. (11sc, dec) ‘6 (72) 

28. (5sc, dec, 5sc) ‘6 (66) 


30. (9sc, dec) ‘6 (60) 

31. (4sc, dec, 4sc) ‘6 (54) 


33. (7sc, dec) ‘6 (48) 

34. (3sc, dec, 3sc) ‘6 (42) 

35. (5sc, dec) ‘6 (36) 

36. (2sc, dec, 2sc) ‘6 (30) 

37. (3sc, dec) ‘6 (24) 

38. (1sc, dec, 1sc) ‘6 (18) 

39. (1sc, dec) ‘6 (12) 

40.6dec, close knitting. 


We withdraw the thread from the chin into the right nostril and into the left eye and 

back into the right nostril, tighten the thread carefully> into the left 

nostril and into the right eye, back into the left nostril, tighten 

thread> in the chin, we form a lip, I hemmed with two 

sides at the edges of the lip and in the middle, leaving the middle 

8 (approximately) loops free. 


mustard thread 

10ch, from the 2nd from the hook 

1.3sc, hdc, dc, hdc, 2sc, 3sc in 1, 2sc, hdc, dc, hdc, 3sc, 

CH, turn 

2.4hdc, dc, 9hdc, dc, 4hdc, sl-st, cut off 

3.attach brown, fold the part in half, knit 

SL-ST grabbing only BLO from both sides, turn and knit 

for free LOOP SL-ST, then we knit the rope from CH to the desired 

are long and fix the SL-ST from another corner of the bag. 

I knitted ropes from CH on my hand. 

We make out the pants at our discretion. Thanks to all 

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