Hippo Monya Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share amigurumi free patterns. In this article hippo monya amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you.

Materials : 

1. Yarnart Jeans yarn light gray, bright pink for 

skirts, some black and dark gray for embroidery 

2. Hook 2 mm. 


4. Eyes on a 6 mm safety mount 

5. Scissors 

6. Needle for stitching parts. 


Sl-st-slip stitch 

Sc-single crochet 

Inc – increase 

DEC – decrease 

(*) – number of loops at the end of the row 



1r. 6 sc into magic ring 

2r. 6 inc (12) 

Sp. (1 sc, inc) *6 (18) 

4r. (2 sc, inc) *6 (24) 

5r. (3 sc, inc) *6 (30) 

6r. (4 sc, inc) *6 (36) 

7r. (5 sc, inc) *6 (42) 

8r. (6 sc, inc) *6 (48) 

9-15r. (7 rows) 48sc. 

16r. (6 sc, dec)*6 (42) 

17r. (5 sc, dec)*6 (36) 

18r. (4 sc, dec)*6 (30) 

19r. (3 sc, Dec) *6 (24) 

20 rub. (2 sc, DEC)*6, Sl-st (12) 

Leave a long thread for sewing 

Insert eyes between 10 and 11 p. at dist. 4 sc. 


1r. 6 sc into magic ring. 

2r. 6inc (12) 

3-4r. (2 rows) 12 sc 

5r. (4 sc, DEC) *2 (10) 

6-13r (8 rows) 10 sc 

We fill the handles only to the middle. 

At the end of knitting, fold the part in half and knit 4 sc. for both walls. 


1r. 6sc into magic ring. (6) 

2r. (inc) *6r. (12) 

3r. 12 sc. (12) 


1r. Dial a chain of 10 ch knit from the 2nd p. 8sc, Zsc to the last p., on the second side of 7sc, inc (20) 

2r. Inc, 7sc, (inc)*3, 7sc, (inc)*2 (26) 

3r. 1 sc, inc, 7sc, (1 sc, inc)*3, 7sc, (1 sc, inc)*2 (32) 

4r. 2sc, inc, 7sc, (2sc, inc)*3, 7sc, (2sc, inc) *2 (38) 

5-6r. (2 rows) 38sc. 

7r. 2sc, dec, 7sc, (2sc, DEC)*3, 7sc, (2sc, DEC)*2 (32) 

8-9r. (2 rows) 32 sc. 

Legs – body: 

1r. 8sc into magic ring. 

2r. 8inc. (16) 

3p – 8p. (6 rows) 16sc. 

Between legs 2 CH 

Connecting the legs: 

9r. Knit on the first leg of ketgoson, 2SC 1. CH, 16sc on the second leg, 2sc. 2 CH (36) 

10 rub. 16sc, (inc)*2, 16sc, (inc)*2 (40) 

11r. 40sc 

12 rubles 17sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 20sc (42) 

13-16 p. (4 rows) 42sc. 

Change the thread to the color of the sundress. 

17r. 42 sc. 

18r. 42sc behind the back wall of the loop 

19r. 8sc, DEC, 20sc, DEC, 10sc (40) 

20 rub. (8sc, dec)*4 (36) 

Change the thread to the main color. 

22r. 36sc for rear st. loops. 

23r. 36 sc. 

24r. (4sc, dec)*6 (30) 

25-26p. (2 rows) 30sc 

27r. (Зsc, DEC)*6 (24) 

28-29r. (2rows) 24sc. 

30 rub. (2sc, DEC) *6 (18) 

31r. 18 sc. 


Attach the thread to the 18th row. 

1r. 42inc. (84) 

2 – 5r. (4 rows) 84sc. 

For strapless sundress dial 22 ch 

Hat : 

1r. 6sc. into magic ring. 

2r. (inc)*6 (12) 

Sp. (1 sc, inc)*6 (18) 

4r. (2sc, inc) *6 (24) 

5r. (Зsc, inc) *6 (30) 

6r. 30sc. behind the back wall of the loop 

7-9r. 30sc 

10 rub. (inc)*30 (60) 

11-12p 60sc. 

13r. Make a harness with a crustacean step. 

Sewing details: 

Sew the muzzle right under the eyes approximately between 11 and 18 next. 

Ears sew between 3 and 5 next. 

Embroider nostrils on the muzzle with dark gray yarn, taking a few steps with a needle. 

Embroider eyebrows. 

All right, the hippo is ready .. 

– The hippo boy is knitted in the same way as the girl with only minor changes. 

-Inc knitting legs in the 7th row, change the color of the thread to the color of the shorts by knitting 16 sc behind the back wall of the loop. 

– When assembling parts, you can oblige shorts in the 7th and 18th row sc. 

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