Kitten Compote Amigurumi Free Pattern

I am sharing Amigurumi free patterns with you. in this article amigurumi kitten compote free pattern is waiting for you.


1.YarnArt Jeans Yarn – 

orange, green, bright green, black, white, brown 

Yarn Vita Coco – brown (you can replace it with split Jeans) 

Pekhorka Children’s novelty – beige 

2. hook 1.5 (you can use the size of the hook that is convenient for you) 

3. Filler 

4. Needle for stitching parts 

5. Plastic eyes 3 mm 

6. Glue (glue the pupils) 


sl-st – slip stitch 

sc – single crochet 

hdc – half double crochet 


inc – increase 

dec – decrease. 


Head, orange: 

1. 6sc into magic ring 

2. Inc*6=12sc 

3. (1,inc)*6=18sc 

4. (2,inc)*6=24sc 

5. (3,inc)*6=30sc 

6. (4,inc)*6=36sc 

7. (5,inc)*6=42sc 

8. (6,inc)*6=48sc 

9. (7,inc)*6=54sc 

10. (8,inc)*6=60sc 

11. (9,inc)*6=66sc 

12. (10,inc)*6=72sc 


23. (10,dec)*6=66sc 



26. (7,dec)*6=48sc 

27. (6,dec)*6=42sc 

28. (5,dec)*6=36sc, stuff, fasten and cut the thread. 

Ears, 2 pcs., orange: 

1. 6sc into magic ring 


3. (1,inc)*3=9sc 

4. (2,inc)*3=12sc 


6. (3,inc)*3=15sc 


8. (4,inc)*3=18sc 

9. (5,inc)*3=21sc 


11. (6,inc)*3=24 

12. 24sc, leave the thread for sewing. 

Taurus, green: 

1. 6sc into magic ring 

2. Inc*6=12sc 

3. (1,inc)*6=18sc 

4. (2,inc)*6=24sc 

5. (3,inc)*6=30sc 

6. (4,inc)*6=36sc 

7. (5,inc)*6=42sc 

8. (6,inc)*6=48sc 

9. (7,inc)*6=54sc 

10. 54sc for back wall 

11.-19. 54sc 

20. (7,dec)*6=48sc 

21. (6,dec)*6=42sc 

22. (5,dec)*6=36sc, leave the thread for sewing. We stuff the body. 

Collar 2 pcs, green, and centers for the ears 2 pcs, beige: 


in the second loop from the hook inc, ch, turn; 

(1sc,inc), ch, turn; 

3sc, ch, turn; 

(2sc,inc), ch, turn; 

We tie 3sc, 3sc in the outer loop, 3sc, 3sc in the top, 3sc, inc in the outer loop, leave the thread for sewing. 

Tail, orange, brown: 

1. 6sc into magic ring (orange); 

2. 3*(1sc, inc) = 9sc; 


4. 9sc (brown); 

5. 7sc, dec = 8sc (orange); 

6.8sc; (brown) 

7. 6sc, dec = 7sc (orange); 

8. 7sc (brown); 

9. 5sc, dec = 6sc (orange); 

10. 6sc, leave the thread for sewing. 

Pens, 2pcs, bright green, green: 

Starting with bright green 

1. 5sc into magic ring 

2.5*inc = 10sc 


4. 2sc, bump from 5dc, 3sc, 2*dec = 8sc 

5. Dec, 1sc, dec, 3sc = 6sc 

6. go to green, behind the front wall 6*inc = 12sc 

7. Behind the back wall 12sc 

8.-9. 12sc, leave the thread for sewing, stuffing in the process. 

Legs, 2pcs, bright green: 

1. 5sc into magic ring 

2.5*inc = 10sc 

3.-5. 10sc 

4. 5 * dec \u003d 5sc, fill, pull off the hole. 

Cast on 9sc on foot and work 3 more rows of 9sc. 

Nose, black: 

4ch, From 2nd st from hook 2sc, 3sc in 1 st, inc 

Inc, 1sc, 2*inc, SL-ST, leave thread for sewing. 

Eyes, 2pcs, white: 

8sc into magic ring, leave thread for sewing. 

Cap and elastic band, green: 

We dial 22 ch and close the ring. Next, we knit 22sc. 

Then we knit, alternating the purl and front relief columns. 

Leave the thread for sewing. 

Let’s move on to knitting a cap 

1. 16ch we close in a ring 


3. 14sc, 1dec=15sc 

4. 13sc, 1dec=14sc 

5. 12sc, 1dec=13sc 

6. 11sc, 1dec=12sc 

7. 10sc, 1dec=11sc 

8.9sc, 1dec=10sc 

9.8sc, 1dec=9sc 

10.7sc, 1dec=8sc 

11.6sc, 1dec=7sc 

12.5sc, 1dec=6sc 

13.4sc, 1dec=5sc 

14. 3sc, 1dec=4sc 

15. (3sc in one loop) * 4 = 12sc, 


17. 6 * dec \u003d 6sc, pull off the hole, cut the thread. We insert the cap itself into the rubber band, 

we sew on the elastic first, and then to the head, stuffing it a little so that it sticks out. 

Scarf, bright green: 

70ch+2ch lift 

In the third loop from the hook 70hdc, fasten the thread and cut. 


1. Sew the ears to the head 

2. Sew the beige centers to the ears 

3. Sew on a hat-cap in the center of the head 

4. Sew the head to the body 

5. Sew the handles to the body, two rows below the sewing line of the head to the body 

6. Sew on the legs and tail 

7. Sew on the collar 

8. Sew on the eyes, the distance between them is 3sc 

9. Sew on the nose just below the eyes 

10. Embroider a mouth, make a mustache 

11. Embroider with a chain of sc brown stripes on the sides of the muzzle, 5-7-5 

12. We tie a scarf. 

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