Lazy Cicada Flip Amigurumi Free Pattern

I am sharing very beautiful and unique amigurumi animal patterns with you for free. You will love this wonderful amigurumi cicada pattern. 

Materials needed:  

– 2,0 mm crochet hook  

– sport weight cotton yarn in:  

– green (for Flip’s head, body, arms, legs and wings)  

– brown (for the hat)  

– black (for the hat)  

– light blue (for Flip’s shorts)  

– white or ecru (for the vest)  

– stuffing of your choice  

– wire or pipe cleaners for mounting into arms and legs (optional)  

– cotton darning needle for sewing  

– textile paints in white, green and black for the eyes,  

– brush for textile paints  

– wire or black pipe cleaners for antennas  

– green beads for antennas ends  

Finished size:  

Standing from toes to top of the hat 45 cm (17.7 “)  


(US terminology)  

st(s) stitch(es)  

sl st slip stitch  

sc single crochet  

ch chain  

hdc half double crochet  

dc double crochet  

inc increasing stitch  

(2 single crochet stitches worked in one stitch)  

dec decreasing stitch  

(two stitches together, invisible decrease used in this pattern)  

FO fasten off  

Work in continuous rounds unless otherwise specified.  

use green colored yarn  

R1 sc8 in magic ring 8  

R2 inc8 16  

R3 (inc, sc) x8 24  

R4 (inc, sc2) x8 32  

R5-R6 sc32  

R7 (inc, sc3) x8 40  

R8-R10 sc40  

R11 (inc, sc9) x4 44  

R12-R14 sc44  

R15 (inc, sc10) x4 48  

R16-R18 sc48  

R19 sc10, inc4, sc34 52  

R20 sc12, inc4, sc36 56  

R21 sc14, inc4, sc38 60  

R22 sc16, inc4, sc40 64  

R23-R32 sc64  

R33 sc2, (dec, sc2) x7, dec, sc32 56  

R34 sc2, (dec, sc) x7, dec, sc31 48  

R35 sc48  

R36 (dec, sc4) x8  

R37 sc40  

R38 (sc3, dec) x8  

R39 sc32  

R40 (dec, sc2) x8  

R41 sc24  

R42 (sc2, dec) x6 18  

R43-R45 sc18  

fasten off  

Stuff head nice and firm.  

Pay special attention to nose area.  

Stuff it nice, firm and even.  


(make 2)  

use green colored yarn  

start with ch18  


you can work sole and foot in rows, starting each round with ch1, and ending with slip stitch in this first chain made.  

I decided to work this way to keep rounds nice and even (and was easier for me to count the stitches); spiral started to work at round 17.  

Try and see which way suits you better or you prefer to work with.  

If you decide to work in rounds, don’t forget to chain 1 at the beginning of each round and slip stitch at the end to finish the round. Chain and slip stitch are not mentioned in the pattern.  

R1  sc16, 3sc in the last chain stitch, continue working around chain, sc15, 2sc in the last stitch on this side of chain (if you don’t know how to make an oval from chain, look at the photo you can find at the last page of this pattern) 36  

R2  ch1 (worked to alter the stitch to look even when starting and ending with hdc) inc hdc, hdc next 5 sts, sc11, 3sc in 1 st, sc11, hdc next 5 sts, (inc hdc) x2 41  

R3 hdc, inc hdc, 5x hdc, sc12, inc x2, sc12, 5 x hdc, inc hdc, hdc, inc hdc 46  

R4 back loops only, sc46  

R5 sc20, dec, dc, dec, dc21 44  

R5 sc20, dec2, sc20 42  

R6 sc16, dec4, sc18 38  

R7 sc, dec, sc11, dec4, sc12, dec, sc2 32  

R8 dec, sc9, dec4, sc11, dec 26  

R9 (sc2, dec) x2, sc2, dec2, sc2, (dec, sc2) x2, sc2 20  

R10 sc8, dec2, sc8 18  

R11 sc18  

R12 sc7, dec2, sc7 16  

R13 sc16  

R14 sc6, dec2, sc6 14  

R15 sc14  

R16 sc5, dec2, sc5 12  

R17-R26 sc12  

R27 (dec, sc4) x2 10  

R28-R42 sc10  

fasten off.  


make trousers with blue colored yarn start with chain 12, sl st last to first chain stitch to form circle and work in rounds  

R1-R2 sc12  

R3 (inc, sc5) x2 14  

R4-13 sc14  

R14 (inc, sc6) x2 16  

R15 sc16  

R16 (inc, sc7) x2 18  

R17 sc18  

mount trousers over legs and sew through both leg loops and back loops of trousers.  

Front loops over trousers we’ll use to connect and start with body making.  

Connecting legs and working the body  

(continue working with blue colored yarn)  

Connect legs with making bridge over three stitches and three rows across inner thigh sides.  

(look photo above). Once bridge is made, continue with 1st round below.  

R1 work around making 24 sts (9 each leg and 3 sts front and back bridge part) 24  

R2 (inc, sc3) x6 30  

R3 (inc, sc4) x6 36  

R4 (inc, sc5) x6 42  

R5 (inc, sc6) x6 48  

R6-R9 sc48  

R10 (dec, sc4) x8 40  

R11 (inc, sc4) x8 48  

R12-R14 sc48  

R15 back loops only sc48  

R16-R17 sc48  

from now on, when there will be decreasing stitches in the round, decrease them on sides of the body (you will have these side decreases in the R18 & R20).  

I will write you a note on the beginning of the round to remind you.  

R18 dec1 on each side of the body, sc rest of 44 stitches 46  

R19 sc46  

R20 dec1 on each side of the body, sc rest of 42 stitches 44  

R21 sc44  

R22 (dec, sc9) x4 40  

R23-R24 sc40  

R25 (dec, sc8) x4 36  

R26-R27 sc36  

R28 (dec, sc7) x4 32  

R29-R30 sc32  

R31 (dec, sc6) x4 28  

R32-R33 sc28  

R34 (dec, sc5) x4 24  

R35-R36 sc24  

R37 (dec, sc2) x6 18  

change color to green fasten off leaving long tail for sewing body and head together.  

Stuff the body nice and firm.  

work in green colored yarn  


Make fingers first  


R1 sc4 in magic ring  



Fingers (x2)  

R1 sc4 in magic ring  

R2-R5 sc4  


Right arms  

Working finger  

(one we will connect all other fingers to and start with making hand/arm)  

R1 sc4 in magic ring 4  

R2-R4 sc4  

R5 sc2, bring one of fingers on and sc2 over that one, bring second finger and sc4 over it, now, as you work turned naturally, continue working the hand, sc 2 over middle finger, sc2 over pinkie finger (working one we started this round with) 12  

R6-R7 sc12  

R8 sc5, bring thumb on, and sc 2 sts, working through both, thumb and hand sts, sc5 12  

R9 sc5, sc2 over thumb only, sc5 12  

R10-R11 sc12  

R12 (dec, sc2) x3 9  

R13-R37 sc9  

Shorter arm  

Make fingers following the pattern given above.  

Then repeat the working finger/hand pattern all the way through R13.  

From R13, instead of 25 repeating rounds, on shorter arm make them just 20  

Your last round count and the pattern will look like this:  

R13-R32 sc9  

fasten off leaving long tail for sewing arm to the body later.  

Left arm  

Make fingers as written for the right arm patterns. Follow the pattern until you reach R8 & R9 of the hand making (where thumb is added).  

Only two rounds are different!!!!  

Once you finish them, return to right arm pattern and follow further directions.  

R8 sc6, bring thumb and sc2, working through both, thumb and hand sts, sc4  

R9 sc6, sc2 over thumb only, sc4  

continue with the rest of the pattern. Repeat this for both left arms.  

Following photo shows you how arms are sewed on the body. Sew longer arm two rounds below neck connection. Shorter one is placed 4 rounds lower.  


work in green colored yarn  

make 2 triangles:  

R1 sc 4 in magic ring 4  

R2 (inc, sc) x2 6  

R3 (inc, sc2) x2 8  

R4 (inc, sc3) x2 10  

R5 (inc, sc4) x2 12  

R6 (inc, sc5) x2 14  

R7 (inc, sc6) x2 16  

R8 (inc, sc7) x2 18  

R9 (inc, sc8) x2 20  

R10 (inc, sc9) x2 22  

R11 (inc, sc10) x2 24  

R12-R14 sc24  

first triangle fasten off, use second one to connect both pieces together and continue with making wing.  

R15 bring first triangle sc over both pieces 48 sc around 48  


R26 sc12, dec, sc23, dec, sc9 46  

R27 sc46  

R28 sc12, dec, sc22, dec, sc8 44  

R29 sc44  

R30 (dec, sc9) x4 40  

R31-R32 sc40  

R33 (dec, sc8) x4 36  

R34-R35 sc36  

R36 (dec, sc7) x4 32  

R37-R38 sc32  

R39 (dec, sc6) x4 28  

R40-R41 sc28  

R42 (dec, sc5) x4 24  

R43-R44 sc24  

R45 (dec, sc2) x6 18  

R46-R47 sc18  

fasten off leaving long tail for sewing wings to the collar of the vest.  


using white or cream color yarn  

start with ch21  

work in rows (ch1, turn after each row is finished)  

R1 sc5  

R2 inc, sc4  

R3 sc6  

R4 inc, sc5  

R5 sc7  

R6 inc, sc6  

R7 sc8  

R8 inc, sc7  

R9 sc9  

R10 inc, sc8  

R11 sc10  

R12 inc, sc9  

R13 sc11  

R14 sc9, dec  

R15 dec, sc8  

R16 sc7, dec  

R17 dec, sc6  

R18 sc5,dec  

fasten off, hide end repeat above starting from the opposite end of base chain  


slip stitch to one of chain ends, working opposite direction from the vest.  

R1 sc20  

R2 inc, sc18, inc  

R3 inc sc20, inc  

R4 inc, sc22, inc  

R5 inc, sc24, inc  

R6 inc, sc26, inc  


ch4 sl st last to first chain stitch, ch1 work 10 sc over chain stitches  

Mount the vest on the Flip’s body. Using same color yarn you used for the vest, sew the front, add the button. You can sew the vest on Flip’s body, or you can glue it.  


start with brown color yarn  

R1 sc8 in magic ring 8  

R2 inc x8 16  

R3 (inc, sc) x8 24  

R4 (inc, sc2) x8 32  

R5 (inc, sc3) x8 40  

R6 (inc, sc4) x8 48  

R7 (inc, sc5) x8 56  

R8 (inc, sc6) x8 64  

R9 (inc, sc7) x8 72  

R10 sc 72 in back loops only  

R11 (dec, sc16) x4 68  

R12-R13 sc68  

R14 (dec, sc15) x4 64  

R15-R16 sc64  

R17 (dec, sc14) x4 60  

R18-R19 sc60  

R20 (dec, sc13) x4 56  

R21-R22 sc56  

R23 (dec, sc12) x4 52  

R24-R25 sc52  

R26 (dec, sc11) x4 48  

R27-R28 sc48  

R29 (dec, sc10) x4 44  

R30-R31 sc44  

R32 (dec, sc9) x4 40  

R33-R34 sc40  

R35 ((inc, sc2) x5, inc, sc9) x2 62  

R36 sc62  

R37 ((inc, sc3) x5, inc, sc10) x2 74  

R38 sc74  

R39 ((inc, sc4( x5, inc, sc11) x2 86  

R40 sc86  

Fasten off, hide ends.  

Stuff the hat lightly, and sew it on top of the head.  

Change color to black  

change color to brown  


Use the drawing to match size, copy and trace on your Flip. Eyes should not exceed the height of 8 rounds.   

First color the base with white. When dried trace the iris and color it in green.   

After green color has dried, use black to color the pupils and eye outline.   

At the end you can add white sparks.   

Sewing mouth   

I like this method on adding mouth on my dolls. It is tired out many times by now, dolls have been played with for many hours. Dolls have been machine washed and mouth stayed in place.   

I warmly recommend you to try it. It works great on cotton (haven’t tried on acrylic or any other yarn).   

Pin where you wish your mouth to be placed. I really didn’t count rounds. Wanted my Flip to have a smile and that was my lead when making it.   

As you can see, you’ll need three pins. Outer ones, mouth corners and middle one will determine the depth of your smile.   

Try to place outer pins parallel with outer eye edges.   

Bottom (middle) pin place centered below, as many rounds as you like or wish your smile to be deep.   

Then simply, using darning cotton needle (long one) and black yarn push the needle from one side pin to another. Wrap around the lower, centered pin, and repeat one more time.   

Leave ends on both sides.   

Cut them short on about 1 cm (½ inch).   

Add glue to stitches where yarn it sticking out (cut pieces), add some glue under the mouth line.   

Using tooth pick, stick the excess yarn inside the head, and push lightly the mouth yarn onto the head.   

Let it dry completely.   

On the last photo you can see glue showing, but when it dries out, will be almost invisible.   

Mouth will remain firm and nicely stick to the head, and very, very durable!   

If your Flip is not sewed by now, sew him up and let’s play! 

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