Little Mouse Jerry Amigurumi Free Pattern – Create Your Adorable Crochet Friend!

Welcome to the world of crochet cuteness! Are you ready to bring a smile to your face with our Little Mouse Jerry Amigurumi Free Pattern? Meet Jerry, the tiny crochet mouse who’s ready to become your new adorable friend. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of crafting this charming amigurumi creation. So, grab your crochet hooks and let’s begin this delightful project!

Crochet Abbreviations 

ch – chain 

mr – magic ring 

sc – single crochet 

slst – slip stitch 

inc – increase 

dec – decrease


– you can use any type of yarn you Like with an appropriate hook size; I used 2.5 mm hook with 

milk cotton yarn 

– brown, pink, white or beige color (for the patch on belly) 

– fillings 

– black, thin wire 



R1 5sc [5] 

R2 (1SC, 1inc)*2, 1sc [7] 

R3 7sc [7] 

R4 (1sc, 1dec)*2, 1sc [5] 

R5 (1sc, 1inc)*2, 1sc [7] 

R6 (2sc, 1inc)*2, 1sc [9] 

R7-8 gsc [9] 


R1 6sc [6] 

R2 6inc [12] 

R3 BLO 12sc [121 

R4 1sc, 5dec, 1sc [7] 

R5 7sc [7] 

R6 (1sc, 1inc)*2, 2SC, 1inc [10] 

R7 10sc [10] 

R8 2sc, slst [2] 


Connect two legs with 2ch, (join yarn at the 6th stitch from slst) 

B – Brown, W – White 

R1 10sc, 2SC, 10sc, 2sc [24] 

R2 (3sc, 1inc)*6 [30] 

R3 B 12sc, W 5sc, B 13sc [30] 

R4 B 11sc, W 7sc, B 12sc [30] 

Rs B 10sc, W 9sc, B 11sc [30] 

R6 B 4sc ,1dec, 4sc, W 4sc, 1dec, 3sc, B 5sc, 1dec, 4sc [27] 

R7 B 9sc, W 8sc, B 10sc [27] 

R8 B 3sc, 1dec, 4sc, W 3sc, 1dec, 3sc, B 4sc, 1dec, 4sc [24] 

R9 B 6sc, (9sc, hand), 2sc, W 3sc, B 1sc, W 3sc, B 3sc, (9sc, hand), 6sc [42] 

Rio B (5sc, 1dec)*2, 4sc, W 1sc, B (1sc, 1dec), W 1sc, B 3sc, 1dec, (5sc, 1dec)*2 [36] 

R11 (2sc, 1dec)*9 [27] 

R12 (1sc, 1dec)*9 [18] 

R13 9dec [9] , fasten off 


R1 6sc [6] 

R2 6inc [12] 

R3 (1sc, 1inc)*6 [18] 

R4 (2sc, 1inc)*6 [24] 

R5 (3sc, 1inc)*6 [30] 

R6 (4sc, 1inc)*6 [36] 

R7-9. 36sc [36] 

R10 11sc, (3sc in one stitch)*3, 8sc, (3sc in one stitch)*3, 11sc [42] 

R11 42sc [42] 

R12 11sc, (dec 3sc together)*3, 8sc, (dec 3sc together)*3, 11sc [36] 

R13 (4sc, 1dec)*6 [30] 

R14 (3sc, 1dec)*6 [24] 

R15 (2sc, 1dec)*6 [18] 

R16 9dec [9] 

– cut the yarn and Leave a long tail for sewing 

Ears (make two in brown and two in pink) 

R1 6sc [6] 

R2 6inc [12] 

R3 (1sc, 1inc)*6 [18] 

R4 (2sc, 1inc)*6 [24] 

R5 24sc [30] 

Attach 2 pieces with23sc, (3sc in one stitch), 4sc, 1inc, 4sc, (3sc in one stitch) 

-sew ears Leaving 6 stitches between 


6 ch 

R1 4sc, (3sc in one stitch), 3sc, 1inc [12] 

R2 12sc [12] 

Fasten off, leave tail and sew between R11 to R12 



R1 11sc, (3sc in one stitch), 10sc, 1inc [26] 

– Cut two black, think wires of about 2.5 inches and insert it into the snout 

– using felt, make eyes and tongue 

Jerry amigurumi mouse toy is ready. 

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