Mushroom Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

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slst – slip stitch

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

inc – increase

dec – decrease

BLO – Back Loop Only

FLO – Front Loop Only

Materials and Tools

Doll height 30cm. On a wire frame. Knitted from 100% cotton. Eyes


Threads for dolls – any at your discretion, suitable for hook 1.5 –

me for the body – Lear is flesh-colored.

Threads for clothes red – Children’s cotton, white-SOSO, black – Children’s

cotton (but you can do without black), and khaki or green for

slipper- Alize Diva silk effect- you can replace these threads with yours

discretion, but the hook is 1.5, so pick it up under the hook.

I advise you to take all the threads of Alize Diva, they are simply gorgeous.

Threads for hair Semenovskaya silk effect + foam for hair styling and

curling iron.

Hook 1.5.

The filler is holofiber.

Mouline thread for knitting eyes.

Hair threads or a ready-made wig, or tresses.

Scissors, needles, tape for attaching the frame.

Wire for the frame.

White beads of different sizes and white beads for embroidery on

a hat.


Hands -2pcs-knit equally.

Flesh-colored thread.

Hook 1.5

1p-6sc into magic ring

2p-inc x 6 times = 12


6p-3sc in one loop (finger), 11sc = 14

7p-3sc together with one loop, 11sc = 12

8p-dec, 1sc, dec, 7sc = 10

9-dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc = 8

10-30r-8sc-21ryad or 168sc in a circle without a marker.

Thread cut harbor.

Do not stuff pens with filler.

When you tie the knobs, measure a piece of wire so that it is sufficient for

arm length + 5-7cm, then to hide in the body.


Sole 2pcs-thread in black – knit the same.

1p – Dial 7ch, from the second loop from the hook 5sc, 5sc into the last loop,

the other side of the chain 4sc, 3sc in the last loop = 17

2p-inc, 4sc, inc x 6 times, 4sc, inc x 2 times = 26

3p-6sc, (inc, 1sc) x 6 times, 9sc = 32

4p-inc, 9sc, (inc, 3sc) x 2 times, 14sc = 35, sl-st

Cut the thread.

Attach the shoe color thread exactly in the middle back 5p – behind the back pp 35sc

6-8r-35sc-3 rows

Insert insole (optional).

The marker is exactly in the back in the middle.

9p-dec, 9sc, dec x 7 times, 10sc = 27

10p-dec, 9sc, dec x 4 times, 8sc = 22

11p-8sc, dec x 3 times, 8sc = 19

12p-7sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 7sc = 17

Cut the thread about 1 meter, skip to the base of the sole, tie with a crustacean

step edge of the sole for the left paragraphs.

Attach a flesh-colored thread exactly in the middle in the back.

At this stage of knitting, you can insert the frame for the legs. Make at the end

wire loop in the length of the foot, the length of the entire wire is about 20cm,

wire diameter 2mm (thickness similar to No. 2 knitting needles)

Fill the filler in the foot. Then fill with filler as you knit.

13p behind the back pp, 5sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 5sc = 15

14p-4sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 4sc = 13

15p-dec, 11sc = 12


Further, all the decreases and increases go exactly in the middle in the back, except for increases on

the knee.

20p-inc, 11sc = 13


23p-inc, 12sc = 14


26p-inc, 13sc = 15

27-32r-15sc-6 rows

33p-dec, 13sc = 14

34p-dec, 1sc, dec, 9sc = 12

35p-4sc, inc x 4 times, 4sc-knee-inc are located exactly in the middle in front = 16

36p-4sc, dec x 4 times, 4sc = 12


Further, all increases are located exactly behind.

38p-inc, 9sc, inc, 1sc = 14


41p-inc, 1sc, inc, 11sc = 16


44p-inc, 3sc, inc, 11sc = 18


47p-inc, 17sc = 19


49p-inc, 18sc = 20


51p-inc, 19sc = 21


Knit the right leg similarly to the left. Do not cut the thread from the right leg!

Fold the legs in half and determine the middle of the inner side of the legs,

we connect legs


1p-Knit 4ch, join sc to the inner side of the left leg,

left foot 21sc, 4sc on ch, 21sc on the right foot, 2sc on cc (not a full row),

set the marker exactly in the middle of the back. Further the marker will go exactly

in the middle of the back unless otherwise indicated.




5p-dec, 46sc, dec = 48


8p-dec, 44sc, dec = 46

9p-1sc, dec, 40sc, dec, 1sc = 44

10p- (9sc, dec) x4 times = 40


14p-dec, 36sc, dec = 38


16p-dec, 34sc, dec = 36

17-28r-36sc-12 rows or 432sc in a circle without a marker.

Next, move the marker to the middle of the back.

Do not forget to fill the filler!



1p-10sc on the back, apply correctly placing the left hand, 1sc hands

and 1sc torso knit together, 16sc on the front, 1sc on the right hand and 1 sc

torso knit together, 8sc on the back.

2p- + 2ps (marker exactly in the middle of the back), 9sc on the back, 6sc on the arm, dec (line

raglana), 12sc in front, dec (raglana line), 6sc on the arm, 9sc on the back = 44

Next, we make reductions along the raglan line in front 2 and behind 2, without affecting the loop


If you lost the loops when joining hands, then knit another

zero row, and add or reduce loops so that you have before knitting

3 rows 44sc.

3p-7sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 7sc = 40

Insert the wire frame for the hands. Choose the length of the wire for the length

hands of your doll.

4p-6sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 6sc = 36

5p-5sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 5sc = 32

6p-4sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 4sc = 28

7p-3sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 3sc = 24

8p- (2sc, dec) x6 = 18

9p- (1sc, dec) x6 = 12

Leave the thread for sewing on the head.

Keep your shoulders tighter.


Flesh yarn

Fill in the course of knitting tightly, but not much. Since the eyes will


Neck1R-Dial 12ch, close in a circle



1p-inc h12raz = 24

2p- (3sc, inc) x6 = 30

3p- (4sc, inc) x6 = 36

4p- (5sc, inc) x6 = 42

5p- (6sc, inc) x6 = 48

6p- (7sc, inc) x6 = 54

7p- (8sc, inc) x6 = 60

8-20p-60sc-13 rows

Next, make all the reductions invisible.

21p- (8sc, dec) x6 = 54

22p- (7sc, dec) x6 = 48

23p- (6sc, dec) x6 = 42

24p- (5sc, dec) x6 = 36

25p- (4sc, dec) x6 = 30

26p- (3sc, dec) x6 = 24

27p- (2sc, dec) x6 = 18

28p- (1sc, dec) x6 = 12

29p-6dec = 6

Tighten the hole. Do not sew on your head.


-white color.

Hook No. 1.5 and No. 2

Dial 24 air loops. Next, knit in turn rows.

1p-flo, 3sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 3sc =

2p-flo, 3sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 7sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 4sc =

3p-flo, 4sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 8sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 4sc =

4p-flo, 4sc, inc, 7sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 7sc, inc, 5sc =

5p-flo, 5sc, inc, 8sc, inc, 10sc, inc, 8sc, inc, 5sc =

6p-flo, 6sc, inc (put the marker in the last n increments), 4flo, d2c in the loop

base under the marker, (inc of d2c) x 9 times, 1d2c, 4ch in the base loop, this

sc, too, 12sc, inc (put the marker in the last n increments), 4flo, d2c

to the base loop under the marker, (inc of d2c) x 9 times, 1d2c, 4ch to the base loop,

this sc count too, 7sc

7p-6sc, * 4ch, we attach to the first d2c, 4flo, then we make increases from d2c and

between them we knit 2ch. at the end of knitting the sleeves we do 4ch and fasten in

base d2c of the previous row, 4ch and once again we fasten in a loop under

with a marker *, 14sc in front, and then turn from * to *, 7sc

8p-flo, 7sc, 3ch, skip all the loops of the sleeve, 14sc, 3ch, skip all the loops

sleeves, 6sc

9p-6sc, 3sc by ch, 14sc, 3sc by ch, 7sc

10p-inc from d2c to each loop, between them 2ch.

11-12r-turn repeat 10r (increase should be made in each column of the previous row).

13p-d2c in each column of the previous row, and between them 2ch.

14p-d2c in each column of the previous row, and between them 2ch. And pico from 3ch.

Finish knitting. Tie sc to the edge. To harbor a thread.

Iron products from the wrong side.

Wear shorts on the doll and fasten it to the doll with a thread so that it does not fall off. Clothe

blouse. Sew back.

Bend the sleeves to the side of the neck. It turns out like a vest, sew

bead in front, and sew on the back on the back.

SHORTS Threads of green or khaki, I have alize diva silk effect color 109

Dial 50ch, close knitting in a circle.


5-7p-3flo, 49dc, sl-st

Next, connect 4ch, skip 24sc, in 25sc attach the chain from ch, then

knit in a circle leg.

1p-3flo, 24dc, 4dc by ch, sl-st

2p-3flo, (inc of dc, 1dc) x 14 times, sl-st

3p-3flo, 43dc, sl-st

4p-5flo, (d2c, 1ch) – to the end of the row

5p-5flo, (inc from d2c between them 2ch) – inc do into magic ring every loop.

Cut the thread and hold it with a needle.

Knit the second leg similarly to the first, starting knitting from a chain of 4ch on


Slippers: red (Baby cotton from Pehorka) and white (SOSO) color.

Hook number 1.5

The upper part 1p-thread of red color-8sc into magic ring, then knit in a circle.

2p-inc, 7sc = 9

3p-inc, 8sc = 10

4p-inc, 9sc = 11

5p-inc, 10sc = 12

6p-inc, 12sc = 13

7p-inc, 13sc = 14

8p-inc, 14sc = 15

9p- (inc, 4sc) x 3 times = 18

10p- (5sc, inc) x 3 times = 21

11p- (inc, 6sc) x 3 times = 24

12p- (7sc, inc) x 3 times = 27

13p- (inc, 8sc) x 3 times = 30

14p- (9sc, inc) x 3 times = 33

15p- (inc, 10sc) x 3 times = 36

16p- (11sc, inc) x 3 times = 39

17p- (inc, 12sc) x 3 times = 42

18p- (13sc, p) x 3 times = 45

19p- (inc, 14sc) x 3 times = 48

20p- (15sc, inc) x 3 times = 51

21p- (inc, 16sc) x 3 times = 54

22p- (17sc, inc) x 3 times = 57

23p- (inc, 18sc) x 3 times = 60

24p- (19sc, inc) x 3 times = 63

25p- (inc, 20sc) x 3 times = 66

26p- (4sc, inc) x 2 times, 2sc, inc, 40sc, inc, 2sc, (inc, 4sc) x 2 times = 72

27p- (inc, 5sc) x 2 times, inc, 3sc, 40sc, inc, 3sc, (inc, 5sc) x 2 times = 78

28p- (6sc, inc) x 2 times, 4sc, inc, 40sc, inc, 4sc, (inc, 6sc) x 2 times = 84

29p- (inc, 13sc) x 6 times = 90

30p- (14sc, inc) x 6 times = 96

31p- (inc, 15sc) x 6 times = 102

32p- (inc, 4sc) x 3 times, 87sc = 105

33p-87sc, (5sc, inc) x 3 times = 108

34p- (inc, 17sc) x 6 times = 114

35p- (18sc, inc) x 6 times = 120

36p- (inc, 11sc) x 10 times = 130

37p- (12sc, inc) x 10 times = 140

38p- (inc, 13sc) x 10 times = 150

39-43p-150sc-last row knit for blo.

Leave the thread at about 100cm for stapling parts.

Bottom of the hat White thread (SOCO)

Hook number 1.5

Dial 20ch, then knit in turn rows with ch rise (flo).

Attention! In knitting this part there will be incomplete rows, follow the description,

an incomplete series will be denoted as so.

1p-second from the hook of the loop 19sc for the rear pp – further in the description will be

denoted as (blo)

2p-flo, 19sc per blo, turn

3p-flo, 19sc per blo, turn

4p-flo, 19sc per blo, turn

5p-flo, 15sc per blo, turn

 6p-thread before work, with 2 loops from the hook 14sc, turn

The photo below shows the method of knitting an incomplete row of ribs. In the sample

10 loops are indicated, we have a different quantity. Therefore, we use only the method.

7p-flo, 14sc per blo, then as shown in the photo *, 5sc = 19

Next turn the knitting from 2 to 7 row.

The length of the strip should be equal to the circumference of the hat margins. Many

will be knitted from other threads, so we do not count the rows.

Next, sew white beads on a hat or stick white ones

half beads, imitating points on the fly agaric. Next, assemble into an accordion

the crown of the hat is the color of the hat.

Sew the edge of the strip to the hat for the items left., Sew the other edge

with invisible stitches to the inside of the hat (try not to pull


To harbor a thread.

The edge was sewn with ordinary stitches, white thread. And sewn to the head

with a red thread, in the tone of a hat, attached to the head, in different places in a circle.

The red hat needs to be ironed first from the inside (field). Then sew

first the white part along the edge, then grab from the inside. She

should fold a little.

Now we will embroider the Mouline eyes in 2 threads of Black color, the color of the iris of the eye, white, and the thread for embroidering eyebrows.

Scheme We begin with the markup of the eyes. We take pins – for each eye you need 4 pcs.

The distance between the eyes is approximately 6 to 8 sc. Eye Width 7sc.

We introduce the thread from the crown. We start embroidery with the left eye.

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