Sementa Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share amigurumi free patterns. In this article, Sementa doll amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you.


ch: chain

sc: single crochet

inc: increase

dec: decrease

sl-st: slip stitch


1. .5 Chain Start from 2nd 3sc,4sc(same hole). 

2sc,trinc= 12sc 

2. inc,.2sc,4inc,4sc,inc =18sc 

3. 6sc,4inc,7sc,inc =23sc 

4. 5.=23sc 

6. 6sc,5dec,7sc =18sc 

7.5sc,4dec,5sc =14sc 

8.4sc,2dec,6sc= 12sc 

9.14. (6 rows) =12sc 

15.3sc,inc,6sc,inc,sc =14sc 

Make right leg +3sc 7

BODY (With white thread) 

1. tie the right leg to the left leg with 2 chains. Left leg 14sc, 2sc on chain, right leg 14sc, 2sc on chain =32sc 

(the index rope will be at the starting point of the left leg at the back) 

2-inc, 12sc,inc,2sc,inc,12sc,inc,2sc = 36sc 

3- (5sc,inc)*6 = 42sc 

4- (6sc,inc)*6 =48sc 

5.9- (5 rows) =48sc Change color 

10.13- (4 rows) =48sc 

14- (6sc,dec)*6 =42sc 

15- 42sc 

16.(5sc,dec)*6 =36sc 


18-(4sc,dec)*6 =30sc 

19.21-(3 rows) =30sc 

22- (3sc,dec)*6 =24sc 

23- Bring out the 24SC sign job +2sc 

24- make 24 sl-st with floya, the rope will break 

25- blo (with white) (2sc,dec)*6 = 18sc 

26- make to floya 

27- blo with tan (1sc,dec)*6 =12sc 

28.29- 12sc 

1-12inc =24SC 

2- (3SC,inc)*6 =30SC 

3- 2SC,inc,(4SC,inc)*5.2SC =36sc 

4-(5SC,inc)*6 =42SC 

5-3SC,inc,(6SC,inc)*5.3SC = 48SC 

6-(7SC,inc)*6 =54SC 

7.19- (13 ROW) =54SC 

20-(7SC,dec)*6 =48sc 

21-3sc,dec,(6sc,dec)*6.3sc =42sc 

22- (5sc,dec)*6 = 36sc 

23-2sc,dec,(4sc,dec)*6.2sc =30sc 

24-(3sc,dec)*6= 24sc 

25-sc,dec,(2sc,dec)* =18sc 

26-(sc,dec)*6 =12sc 

27-6dec =6sc off 

Leave 8sc between the eyes between the 10th and 11th rows, put 8mm eyes 

Ears. 2chain into same hole 4sc,sl-st 


with tan 

1-Magic ring into 8sc 

2.4-(3rows) =8sc change color 

5.18- 8sc connect the two ends make 4sc and finish 

Make on the arm end 


1-Magic ring into 6sc 

2.6inc =12sc 

3-(sc,inc)*6 =18sc 

4-SC,inc,(2sc,inc)* =24sc 

5-(3sc,inc)*6 =30sc 

6-2sc,inc, (4sc,inc)*6.2sc =36sc 

7-(5sc,inc)*6 =42sc 

8-3sc,inc,(6sc,inc)*5.3sc =48sc 

9-(7sc,inc)*6 =54sc 

Adjust by attaching 10.22-(13 rows) 54sc head 

23. 15 chain pull start from 2nd 14sc, wig sl-st. 21 chain on 20sc, Wig 20sc, (24sc on 25chain, sl-st)*Complete 3rd row break the rope 


1-46 chain pull (keep the end of the rope long, you will sew a button) the needle (buttonhole) make 39sc 

2-3- 39sc, combine with sl-st 

4- Blo (DC.DCinc)*19.DC =58DC 


9-FLO 2 construction rope breaks. 

10- 58DC to the blouse with your blouse colored yarn 

11- 58sc 

12-do along a row and finish 


21 chain pull 7. Sl-st on the sc. make the others sc 

Pull the 3.e bat chain on the buttonhole side of the straps 4. Pull the SC e bat chain on the button side 

SHOES sole 2 different colors 4 knit 

1-5 chain 2nd to 3sc, join same hole with 4sc,3sc,sl-st 

2-inc,3sc,3inc,2sc,4sc(to last hole).sl-st 

3- 6sc,4inc,6sc,inc,SL-ST 

Join the bases with sl-st. 

4. Flo 22sc 

5-8- (4rows) 22sc 


10- flo 5sl-st.8chain.8sc skip.5sl-st 

11-Blo 18sc with white thread 

12-do it along a row close 


1- Combine with Magic ring into At the beginning of the row, always combine with sl-st, pull 3 chains 


3-((FPDC.DC).DC)*10 =30DC 

4-[(FPDC.DC).2DC]*10 =40DC 



7-12- FPDC.5DC =60’DC 

13-a chain (5sc,inc)*10 = 70sc 

14-FLO 70SC 

15-17 (3 ROW =70SC 

Leave the rope long. Curl the edge we knit as sc towards the hat (top) and sew it secretly. 

Top of the hat from the color of the dress or the color of the blouse. 

1 Magic ring into 6sc 

2.3 Finish 6sc, sew on the top of the hat Put the hat on the head, sew it on the head like a tack from where we sewed it secretly 

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