Velvet Bow Tie Frog Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share amigurumi free patterns. In this article velvet bow tie frog amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you.


• Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn (green color 80331) – 1 skein, 

a little white for the eyes and yellow for the bow 

• red yarnart jeans thread for the mouth 

• holofiber filler 

• plastic eyes on a secure mount 20mm green 

• hook No4 

• a needle with a large eye for stitching 

• knitting markers 

• scissors 

When using these materials, the toad 

turns out to be about 32cm tall. Please note that the size depends on your knitting density and the selected hook. 


ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dec – decrease

inc – increase

sl-st – slip stitch


Upper paws 

1.Magic ring(6) 

2.incx6 (12) 

3. (sc, inc)x6 (18) 

4-5. 18sc 


7-18. 9sc 

We fill the paws to the middle 

Lower paws 

Recruiting 5 ch + 1ch lift 

1. In the 2nd loop from the hook we knit inc, 3sc, 3sc into 1 loop, 3sc (we also consider the lifting loop and start the 2nd row with it, and we knit an increase in it) (12) 

2.3inc, 3sc, 3inc, 3sc (18) 

3.(1sc,inc)x3, 3sc, (1sc,inc)x3, 3sc (24) 

4-5. 24sc 

6.(1sc, dec)x5, 9sc (19) 

7.5dec, 2sc, 2dec, 3sc (12) 

8.(2sc, dec)x3 (9) 

9-20. 9sc 

We fill the paws to the middle 


1.Magic ring(6) 

2.incx6 (12) 

3. (sc, inc)x6 (18) 

Change the thread to green 

4-5. 18sc 

We insert an eye into the center of the magic ring, and fill it with filler 



Leave a long tail for sewing 


1.Magic ring(6) 

2.incx6 (12) 

3.(sc, inc)x6 (18) 

4.(2sc, inc)x6 (24) 

5. (Зsc, inc)x6 (30) 

6. (4 sc, inc)x6 (36) 


8. We knit the legs: 4sc together with the leg, 16sc, 4sc together with the leg, 12sc (36) 


12.7sc, 6dec, 16sc (30) 

13.30 sc 

14.(3sc, dec)*6 (24) 


16.(2sc, dec)x6 (18) 


18.(sc, dec)x6 (12) 

19. Knit handles: 4sc with handle, 3sc, 4sc with handle, 1sc (12) 


21.12inc (24) 

22. (Зsc, inc)x6 (30) 

23. (4 sc, inc)x6 (36) 

24. (5sc, inc)x6 (42) 

25-28. 42sc 

29. (5sc, dec)x6 (36) 

30. (4sc, dec)x6 (30) 

31. (Зsc, dec)x6 (24) 

32. (2sc, dec)x6 (18) 

33. (1sc, dec)x6 (12) 

34.6dec (12) 

fill with filler 

Sew the eyes on the head 


We collect 35ch and break the thread, look at the head and sew it to the head. Look at the photo. 

From yellow felt, cut out a circle for the tummy, and sew it on. 

We knit a bow on the neck 

So our frog is ready 

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