Emotions Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share amigurumi free patterns. In this article, amigurumi emitions free pattern is waiting for you.


● sc – single crochet

● inc – increase

● dec – decrease

Author’s workshop on creating knitted toys “Emotions”.

The author is Anastasia Lehman.

This master class does not contain knitting lessons

crochet. MK is for personal use only.

use, cannot be applied in commercial

purposes cannot be published without the consent of

by the author.

When publishing toys related to my master

class, please indicate me as the author.


Yarn Pehorka Children’s Novelty 9 colors white 2

pcs, red, orange, blue, green, light green, purple,

yellow, brown;

– Thread floss, for embroidery eyelids and mouths;

-Hook number 2;

– Scissors, a needle.

General description for all toys!



1 row-3 air loops, in the second loop from the hook 2sc, in the third

4sc loop, on the back of the 2sc chain in one loop,

connecting column in the first loop of the row, air loop (8p);

2 row-in the first loop (where did the connecting column) do

inc (2sc in one loop), then 2sc, 2inc, 2sc

, inc, sl-st, (12p);

3 row-inc, 4sc, 2inc, 4sc, inc, sl-st, (16p);

4 row – 16 sc.

We complete our eye: cut the thread, insert into the needle, start the needle with

seamy side of the first loop

hinges, tighten. You should get a continuous pigtail along the edge.

Also complete the sole. And if our eye and sole is strong

puff, ironing them through a rag.

Eye design (eyelid):

We decorate the eyes with a thread floss, crochet number 1 we knit

the edge of the columns b / n, trying not to white part of the eye

showed through, see for yourself where to do 2sc in one loop where

three, also pierce with a hook and in the place between the columns, I have

it turned out one column. After we cut off the long thread, and

we knit with connecting columns another row to the places where

we have the legs of the columns, also a row with black thread, cut the black thread

long for embroidering cilia and eyebrows

The pupil is 6 sc in the amigurumi ring, and

we complete the loops as described earlier.

Threading with a needle

through the white part of the eye, make white



1 row- 6 sc into magic ring;

2ryad-6 inc (12p);

3,4,5 row-12 sc;

6 row – 1sc dec * 6 times

Fill the nose with filler, sew to the center of the body.

We embroider eyebrows, eyelashes, a mouth as you like 🙂


For the hands we knit 4 fingers. One finger sewn, two

knit the finger and cut the long thread (with it we will tie 3 sc),

we don’t tighten the loop, and we don’t cut the thread from the last finger.

The little finger is 6 sc into magic ring, 6 inc and we knit 6 more rows of 12sc each.

We connect three fingers to each other 3 sc, we tie everything in a circle

three fingers should get 24 sc. Next, we knit 8 rows of 24 sc.

In row 9 dec every 2 sc. 10 row-2 sc, dec, 1 sc, dec,

4sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 2 sc should get 14 loops. White

we knit another row 14 sc with a thread, cut it off and attach

color thread, we knit 10 rows, fold the handle in half and

we knit sc for both walls. Sew the fourth



For the legs we knit two soles.

1 row – 10 in the second loop from the hook, inc, 7 sc, in

the last 4 sc, on the other side of the chain 7 sc, inc, sl-st,


2 row – 2 inc, 7 sc, 4 inc, 7 sc, 2 inc,

sl-st, (30p);

3 row – 1 sc, inc, 11 sc, inc, 2 sc,

inc, 11 sc, inc, 1 sc, sl-st,


4 row- 3 sc, inc, repeat to the end

row, at the end of 2 sc, sl-st, (42p);

5 row- 4 sc, inc, repeat to the end

row, at the end of 2 sc, sl-st, (50p);

6 row- 5 sc, inc

end row, at the end of 2 sc, sl-st,


7ryad- 58 sc unchanged.

8 row – we knit 58 sc only for the colored part of the sole, white

part ends on row 7.

Sew both sides of the sole sc with white thread, fill

filler. On the finished foot we type 14 sc and knit 5

rows, we complete as well as fold the handle in half and

we knit sc.


The assembly of all toy bodies is the same – to put together two body parts and

together with the wrong sides inward, tie around the edge of sc

(hereinafter I call the stitching stitching of the body).

For sadness and interest, we knit two

square – 4sc into magic ring, after to EVERY

loop 3 sc mark with a marker in

each triple the second loop further

knit in a circle in every second loop

increments of 3 sc, should get 4

angle where we make the rest

we knit the stitches unchanged,

the first two rows do not take into account, we knit

another 19 rows. In the photo I have a marker

different color, beginning of row marked

I marked every second with a black thread

loop stretching a thread through it


For joy, trust, anger, disgust, knit two circles – 6 sc into magic ring, then increase 6 times, and from the next row we knit

20 rows increasing through 1 sc, next row through 2 sc

then through 3,4,5, etc., only 20 rows.

For fear, we knit two rectangles-31 into the second loop

from hook 30 sc,, next row start sc to loop from

which was tied, so we knit in 42 rows of rotary rows,

after all sides of the rectangle tie sc.

For surprise, we knit two triangles- 9 sc into magic ring, 1 sc,

increase, 3 sc in one loop every second increase loop

mark with a marker, 2 sc increase, 2 sc, increase, 3 in total

increase (three angles), then we knit 17 rows making increases into magic ring

we knit the second loop of the other three stitches of the row unchanged.


Sew legs of interest and surprise

it just doesn’t work, so we knit it

additionally by legs:

1 row – 7 sc along the edge of the pigtail legs;

2 rows-3 connecting loops, 4 sc

3 row – the first column in the loop from which

tied,, 2 more sc, sl-st;

4 row – 1 loop miss 3 sc,;

5 row – 2 sc, sl-st;

6 row – first skip 2 sc,;

7 row – 1 sc, sl-st, and tie sc along the edge. We do the left leg in

mirror image.

Sew legs with sc body (we also sew handles), after stitching

make 2 sl-st columns on the body turn, 3 sc, sl-st, turn; 3 sc by

leg and another sc over the body, sl-st, twist, 7 sc thread cut

hide in the body.

Spines in anger:

Each triangle is knotted in a row connecting two parts

body, separately, the thread is trimmed. Only 8 triangles. Necessary

count all stitching loops of the body stitching, divide this figure by 8, and from

subtract two more results (this is 1 loop

joining the thread, and one loop the gap between

thorn) .Approximately mark the upper center markers

a triangle so that it is at the top in the center, the number of loops

counted for the triangle earlier, they are in the center and count. number

I indicate my loops as an example (you have a different number), knitted from

other yarn. Attach the thread (it turned out after calculation 14

loops) we knit 12 sc, 1 connecting column, rotation; first

skip the connecting column of the first row, into the second loop from

hooks do 1 joint. Column, 10 sc, 2 connecting posts,

turn; also skip one loop in the next 1 sl-st, and so we knit

making a decrease at the beginning and at the end of the row, until it remains in the middle of 1 sc, cut the thread, with a needle, skip between the rows of thorns

and hide in the body. We retreat 1 loop from the spine along the stitching of the body

, we knit the next thorn, so we knit 8 pieces. After

we do not cut the knitting of the last thread, we knit it around the edge with it


Harness of joy:

A series of body stitches should produce 127 loops.

1 row – attach the thread, 1 sc 4 ​​skip 6 sc to the 7th

loop 1 sc repeat only 16 times at the end of 2 sc;

2 row-under arch from -7sc, 1 sc between arches, repeat until

end of row at end 1 sc;

3 row – under arch 7 sc, connecting column between arches,

knit to the end of the row at the end of 1 sc.


12, into the second loop from hook 11 sc,. turn and

each row start sc into the loop from which it was tied.

In total we knit 5 rows, we knit along the edge of sc, the last side

we knit to the middle with connecting posts, cut

thread long, insert into the needle and sew our bow making

accordion, tighten, wrap the thread, fasten the thread.

We make ears for sadness, ears to sew bows to them.

Attach the thread on the top

the seam of the connection of the square body, for 9

columns from the edge (corner), (we knit in

side of the corner) 1 p connection, 1sl-st p,

7 sc,, turn, start with

this side all the rows in a loop from

which was tied, 6 sc,

connection, rotation, first loop

skip connecting

column, then sc at the end,

and so on until all the loops end

after the edge tie sc.

Similarly, knit the second ear.

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