Motorcycle Amigurumi Free Pattern

In this article, motorcycle amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you. You can find Amigurumi free patterns on this site. *Note: I don’t know the names of these motorcycle parts, so I’ve numbered them in the  picture below. If you know the correct names, please let me know!  Materials:   Yarn colors: red, gray, white, … Read more

Heart Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share amigurumi free patterns. Heart amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you in this article. Materials:  • Hook No. 4 for the heart and No. 3 for the eyes and nose, hook No. 2.5 for the mouth.  • Yarn Himalaya Dolphin baby, 100g/120m, 100% polyester, red – less than 1 skein.  • … Read more

Water Drop Amigurumi Free Pattern

Interesting amigurumi patterns are available for free on this site. I shared with you the amigurumi water drop pattern in this article.  For the toy you will need:   Blue yarn (in the toy presented in this MK is Pekhorka “Children’s novelty”, color “lady’s shoe”. 1.5 skeins)   Iris yarn for eyes (pupil and iris) … Read more

Rattle Sun Amigurumi Free Pattern

I share free amigurumi patterns for you every day on this site. You will love this wonderful amigurumi rattle sun pattern. Material:  – Catania Schachenmayr in sun, white, red and 12 other arbitrary colors  – Crochethook 2.5  – 30 mm divisible acrylic ball (these are available in Rayher), failing that, a Monoblocs (going as the … Read more

Ball Amigurumi Free Pattern

We continue to share Amigurumi free patterns with you. In this article, amigurumi ball free pattern pattern is waiting for you. Materials Black and White Thread 2.5 mm crochet hook Bocuk fiber Needle and scissors Restrictions ABBREVATİONS ch = Chain inc = increase SC = single crochet BLO = Knitting by sinking into the thread at the back of … Read more

Cute Monster Kuboo Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share many different amigurumi patterns with you for free. You will love this awesome amigurumi monster pattern. Abbreviations: [US]  ch – chain  dc – double crochet  hdc – half double crochet  sc – single crochet  BLO – for the back half loop  FLO – for the front half loop  sl-st – slip-stitch  … Read more

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