Free Pattern: Little Cute Monkey in the Hat Amigurumi

Welcome to the enchanting world of crochet! Explore the art of amigurumi with our free pattern for a little cute monkey amigurumi wearing a hat. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this pattern offers endless crafting possibilities. With detailed instructions and helpful visuals, creating this adorable monkey with its charming hat is a delightful experience. Unleash your creativity and bring this playful design to life with ease. Get ready to crochet your way to cuteness!


CH – chain stitch 

SC – single crochet 

HDC – half double crochet 

DC – double crochet 

INC – increase 

DEC – decrease 

(…)*? – repeat the instructions in parentheses ? times 

[…] – number of stitches in a row 


I use “Denim” YarnArt yarn in 2 colors (main and for the face, paw tips) and a 2.25mm crochet hook. 

A small piece of white felt 0.5*1.5 cm, 3mm beads for the eyes. 

Weight in the body. I use a 5-kopeck coin. 

1mm wire 

Stuffing – polyester fiberfill 



Start with light yarn 

Rnd 1: 6 CH, SC in 2nd CH from hook, 3 SC, 3 SC in last CH, rotate and crochet on the other side of the chain, 3 SC, 2 SC in last CH [12] 

Rnd 2: INC, 3 SC, 3 INC, 3 SC, 2 INC [18] 

Rnd 3-4: 18 SC [18] – 2 rounds 

Rnd 5: 8 INC of HDC, 10 SC [26] 

Change yarn to main color but don’t cut the light yarn, carry it inside. 

Rnd 6: 5 SC, 2 INC, 3 SC, 2 INC, 14 SC [30] 

Rnd 7: (4 SC, INC)*6 [36] 

At this stage, embroider the face. 

Insert the hook into the base of the 1st SC of the 6th round, pick up the light yarn from the inside, pull it through to the front. There’s one loop on the hook. Insert the hook into the base of the next SC, pull the second loop through the first. Repeat around the perimeter of the face. Cut the yarn, pull the end to the inside, secure it. 

At this stage, insert the eyes into the 4th and 5th increases of the 5th round. 

Continue with the main yarn. 

Rnd 8-10: 36 SC [36] – 3 rounds 

Rnd 11: (4 SC, DEC)*6 [30] 

Rnd 12: (3 SC, DEC)*6 [24] 

Rnd 13: (2 SC, DEC)*6 [18] 

Rnd 14: (SC, DEC)*6 [12] 

Stuff the head slightly. 

Rnd 15: 6 DEC [6] 

Stuff the head fully, shape it. Cut and secure the yarn. 


Rnd 1: 6 SC [6] 

Rnd 2: 6 INC [12] 

Rnd 3: (SC, INC)*6 [18] 

Rnd 4: (2 SC, INC)*6 [24] 

Rnd 5: (3 SC, INC)*6 [30] 

Rnd 6-8: 30 SC [30] – 3 rounds 

Rnd 9: (3 SC, DEC)*6 [24] 

Rnd 10-12: 24 SC [24] – 3 rounds 

Rnd 13: (2 SC, DEC)*6 [18] 

Rnd 14-16: 18 SC [18] – 3 rounds 

Rnd 17: (SC, DEC)*6 [12] 

Rnd 18-20: 12 SC [12] – 3 rounds 

You can add weight to the bottom. I use a 5-kopeck coin. Fill the torso with stuffing. Leave a yarn end for sewing and cut. It looks like a stable vase when done. 

Ears (2 pieces): 

Rnd 1: 6 SC [6] 

Rnd 2: 6 INC [12] 

Rnd 3: 12 SC [12] 

Leave a yarn end for sewing and cut. Sew the head to the torso. 

Find a suitable place for the ears (I sew them at eye level). They look like cones. 

Arms (2 pieces): 

Start with light yarn. 

Rnd 1: 6 SC [6] 

Rnd 2: (SC, INC)*3 [9] 

Rnd 3-4: 9 SC [9] – 2 rounds 

Rnd 5: (SC, DEC)*3 [6] 

Join main color yarn, cut light yarn. 

Rnd 6-15: 6 SC [6] – 10 rounds 

Legs (2 pieces): 

Rnd 1: 6 SC [6] 

Rnd 2: 6 INC [12] 

Rnd 3-4: 12 SC [12] – 2 rounds 

Rnd 5: (2 SC, DEC)*3 [9] 

Rnd 6: (SC, DEC)*3 [6] 

Join main color yarn, cut light yarn. 

Rnd 7-18: 6 SC [6] – 12 rounds 

Leave yarn ends for sewing on the feet. 


Leave a small yarn end at the beginning of the work to later secure the wire end. 

Crochet 4 HDC in a spiral until it’s 10-12 cm long. Adjust to your monkey’s size. 

Before assembly, measure. We all crochet differently, with different yarns, etc. 

Measure the wire length for the legs. Make sure to add extra for the feet and palms. For my monkey’s size, I add at least 3 cm for the foot, 2.5 cm for the palm, and for the tail: 1 cm for the loop at the end and 1.5 cm for attachment. 

Make loops on one end of the wire and secure them with tape, band-aids, duct tape, or any fixing material. 

Insert the wire where the arms and legs should be. Make symmetric loops at the other end of the wire. Secure the loops. 

Slip the crocheted pieces for the limbs onto the wire. Sew them to the body, secure and cut the yarn. 

For the tail, thread the wire into the appropriate place, slip the tail detail onto the wire, sew the tail to the body. Secure and cut the yarn. Make several stitches at the tail end, capturing the wire loop inside. Secure and cut the yarn. 

That’s it! 

The monkey sits well, stands well, and… acts all monkey-like! 

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