Mrs. Fox Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share amigurumi free patterns. In this article, Mrs. fox amiguurmi free pattern is waiting for you.

Mrs. Fox , height 24 cm 

Difficulty level: 


Yarn Art Angora Ram neon orange (206), 

Alize Angora Gold white, 

Pekhorka Successful white and black; hook 1.1 for black and whites of the eyes, 1.5 for the rest; eyes on a secure mount 10mm; threads and a needle for sewing details. 


Ch – chain; 

Sc – single crochet; 

sl-st – slip stitch 

Hdc – half doble crochet 

Dc – double crochet; 

Inc – increase; 

dec – decrease; 

Decdc – decrease with a double crochet; 

* – the beginning and end of the rapport. 

The order of knitting parts: 

1. Upper legs, tail – details are tied into the body. 

2. Then the lower legs and torso. 

3. Head, ears and eyes – these parts are sewn on. 


Upper paws: 

1 row: 6sc into magic ring in black 

2nd row: 6inc (12) 

3rd row: *3sc, 1inc* 3 times (15) 

Next, work 17 rows in 15sc, change to orange, work 1inc and work 19 rows in 16sc. There are 36 rows in total. Stuff the paws tightly. Sew up the top hole by folding the foot in half and knitting 9sc through both loops. 


Dial bsc into magic ring in white. On the next row, work Zar through 1sc (9). In subsequent rows, do Zinc through 2,3,4,5, etc. sc to 11sc between increments. Switch to orange for a scalloped knit pattern 

*1sc, 1 st per row below, 1 st 2 rows below, again one row below and 1sc*, repeat to end of row. Then do 1dec at the beginning of each row until 11sc, stuff the tail and knit another 7 rows of 11sc – do not stuff this part of the tail. Bend the tail in half, sew up the lead, knitting bsc for both loops. 

Lower legs: 

1 row: 6sc into magic ring in black 

2nd row: 6inc (12) 

3rd row: *1sc, 1inc* 6 times (18) 

4th row: *2sc, 1inc* 6 times (24) 

5th row: *3sc, 1inc* 6 times (30) 

6 row: 30sc per back half loop 

7-8 row: 30sc, 2 rows 

9 row: 10sc, 1hdc, 4decdc, 1hdc, 10sc (26) 

10 row: 8sc, 1hdc, 4decdc, 1hdc, 8sc (22) 

11 row: 9sc, 2dec, 9sc (20) 

12-27 row: 20sc, 16 rows 

28 row: change to orange color, knit 20sc 

29th row: *4sc, 1inc* 4 times (24) 

30 row: 24sc 

31 row: * 5sc, 1inc * 4 times (28) 

32 row: 28sc 

33rd row: *6sc, 1inc* 4 times (32) 

34-46 row: 32sc, 13 rows 

The last loop should be in the center of the inside of the foot – knit the required number of sc. Fasten the thread, cut and hide. Knit the second foot, do not cut the thread. Stuff the black part of the paws tightly. 


Dial 3ch from the second lower foot, attach the first, place a marker, marking the beginning of the row. 

1 row: 22sc, 5inc, 5sc (first foot), 3sc in chain stitches, 5sc, 5inc, 22sc (second foot), 3sc in chain stitches from the back of the chain (80) 

2nd row: 77sc, 1inc, 1sc, 1inc (82) 

3rd row: 77sc, 1inc, 3sc, 1inc (84) 

4th row: 77sc, 1inc, 5sc, 1inc (86) 

5 row: 77sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1inc (88) 

6-9 row: 88sc, 4 rows 

10 row: knit sc to the middle of the back and make a fold of 10sc (see photo), close them with 2 turning rows (5 sc back and forth, do not knit this seam in subsequent rows), knit to the end of the row. Get 78sc. 

11 row: 78sc, tie in the tail. 

12th row: 15sc, *1dec, 5sc* 5 times, 1dec, 26sc (72) 

13th row: 15sc, *1dec, 4sc* 5 times, 1dec, 25sc (66) 

14th row: 15sc, *1dec, 3sc* 5 times, 1dec, 24sc (60) 

Move the beginning of the row to the center of the back, knit the required number of sc, put a marker. 

15th row: *8sc, 1dec* 6 times (54) 

16th row: *7sc, 1dec* 6 times (48) 

Stuff the paws tightly to the crease. 

17-28 row: 48sc, 12 rows 

29 row: 48sc, bend the torso in half, mark 9sc on the sides for knitting the paws, knit the paws 

30 row: * 6sc, 1dec * 6 times (42) 

31 row: *5sc, 1dec* 6 times (36) 

32nd row: *4sc, 1dec* 6 times (30) 

33 row: 30sc 

Stuff the body tightly. 


Start knitting from the nose. 

1 row: 6sc into magic ring in black 

2nd row: 6inc (12) 

3rd row: *1sc, 1inc* 6 times (18) 

4-6 row: 18sc, 3 rows 

7 row: *1sc, 1dec* 6 times (12) 

8 row: 6dec (6) 

Go orange 

9 row: 6inc (12) 

10th row: *1sc, 1inc* (18) 

11th row: 18sc 

12th row: *4sc, 1inc* 3 times (21) 

13 row: 21sc Next, work 3inc through the row to 39sc. 

26-27 row: 39sc, 2 rows 

28 row: 10sc, *1inc, 2sc* 6 times, 1inc, 10sc (46) 

29 row: 10sc, * 1inc, Zsc * 6 times, 1inc, 10sc, 1inc (54) 

30-40 row: 54sc, 11 rows 

Then do 6 dec through 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sc. 

Finish 6dec. Stuff the head tightly, sew up the hole, fasten the thread, cut and hide. 


Row 1: 6sc into magic ring 

2nd row: 6inc (12) 

3rd row: 12sc 

4th row: *3sc, 1inc* 3 times (15) 

5th row: 15sc 

6 row: *4sc, 1inc* (18) 

7th row: 18sc 

Further on the same principle (3inc through a row) to 30sc. Fasten the thread, cut and hide. Tie the second ear. 



9sc into magic ring, 9inc (18). Pin or sew 

plastic eye, work 3 rows in 18sc, in the next row 6dec through 1sc (12), stuff protein, make 6dec and sew up the hole. Fasten the thread, cut and hide. 


6sc into magic ring, 6inc (12), *1sc, 1inc* 6 times (18), work 2 more rows of 18sc. Put the eyelid on the squirrel and sew it on. If desired, sew eyelashes under the eyelid, ordinary false eyelashes 12 mm are used. 

Sew eyes and ears to the head. Head to body with a slight forward tilt. 

Beads are made of 3mm beads. 

The fox is ready! 

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