Unicorn Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

Gorgeous amigurumi doll patterns are available on this site for free. Amigurumi unicorn doll with you in this article.  MATERIALS   Yarn: Skin color, white, sugar pink, yellow, lilac, turquoise, light pink.   – black eye 12 mm   Abbreviations:   ch – air loop   sc – single crochet   DC – double crochet … Read more

Amanda Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

We continue to share Amigurumi free patterns with you. Amanda doll amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you in this article.  MATERIALS  #Kartopu organica color no: K1219 #(Skin )  #Kartopu organica color no: K1920 #(Grey)  #Kartopu organica color no: K010 #(White )  #Kartopu organica color no: K258 #(Pink )  #Kartopu organica color no: K245 #(Pink … Read more

Laurel Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

I am sharing the best quality amigurumi doll patterns free of charge for you. I shared amigurumi laurel doll pattern in this article.  The materials I use   Gazzal baby cotton 3412 for skin color   Shoe color gazzal baby cotton 3416   Vest color 3447   The colors I use on your socks gazzal … Read more

Bella Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

Amigurumi bella doll free pattern, A wonderful amigurumi pattern is waiting for you. All amigurumi models are available on our website.  Abbreviations  sc = single crochet  inc = the increased  dec = decrease  Blo = knitting the back thread of the loop  m = (1single crochet from 3 stitches) decrease  sl-st = slip stitch  Materials  … Read more

Venus Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

The most beautiful varieties of amigurumi doll patterns are also free on this site. You will love this wonderful amigurumi venus doll pattern.  •Used materials •   • Rope: gazzal baby coton !!! Whichever rope you are using for the body, let’s opt for the same brand rope dress. !!! The experience I have experienced … Read more

Merry Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

In this article we will share the amigurumi doll free crochet pattern. Amigurumi related to everything you can not find and share with you.  Abbrevations MR Magic Ring  Ch Chain  Sl st slip stitch  Sc single crochet  Hdc half double crochet  Dc double crochet  Tr (or trc) triple (or treble) crochet  Inc increase (Add one … Read more

Doll Tonti and Yumi Amigurumi Free Pattern

Amigurumi cute doll patterns are on this site for free. I shared with you the amigurumi doll tonti and yumi pattern in this article.  MATERIALS:   * Ropes: 100 gr./250 m. Himalaya Delusc Bamboo Skin Color 124-04   (about 1.5 ropes going)   (In this delicacy Snowball Organicdec is also prefer Gazzal Baby Cotton threads … Read more

Blue Haired Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

You can reach beautiful amigurumi doll patterns free of charge on this site. You will love this awesome amigurumi blue hair doll pattern.  Doll with blue hair.  To create this cute baby we need:  1. Yarn Iris:  -beige (for the doll’s body);  -black (for shoes);  -white (for socks, collar and sweater bottom);  -mustard (for a skirt);  – raspberry (for a sweater).  2. Yarn Canaries pink (for panties);  3. Yarn Alize Atlas blue (for hair);  4. Hook 1;  5. Holofiber (for filling):  6. Cardboard (for insoles);  7. Glue moment Crystal;  8. Copper wire (for the frame);  9. Safe eyes with 5 mm plugs;  10. Scissors, sewing needle, pliers;  11. White half-beads, 5 pcs. (for shoes and sweaters);  12. Mouline thread (for eyebrows and mouth).  We also need a good mood and a little patience!  Abbrevations SC – single crochet;  DC – double crochet;  CH -chain;  … Read more

Beautiful Mary Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern

You can access unique amigurumi doll patterns for free. You will like this wonderful amigurumi mary doll pattern. A LIST OF MATERIALS  # skin color; peria baby cotton 36 no light skin 2 pcs  # Socks part; fairy baby cotton 13no white 1 piece  # Dress; alize cotton gold 15 no water green 1 piece  # Yarnart jeans 36no pink 2 pcs  # Yarnart jeans 75 no baby blue 1 piece  # Hair thread; alize extra 319 bronze brown 95 yellow or snowball flora 890 brown  # Crochet ; to knit 2mm baby  # 3mm crochet for clothes  # 12mm eye  # White thin felt  # Silicone for sticking the felt  # 2 pearl buttons for shoes  # Two 9mm buttons for the dress  # Bead fiber  # Magic needle for face shaping  # Fine-tipped scissors  ABBREVATİONS INC: increase dec: decrease BLO: to knit from the back of the loop  Dc: double crochet  Incdc: double crochet increase Ch: chain  ARM  with 2mm crochet  1. Magic ring =(6)  … Read more

Tintin and Snowy Amigurumi Free Pattern

We share the best quality amigurumi free patterns on our site. In this article, the cartoon character amigurumi doll tintin is with you.  Materials needed:  * 2.5 mm , 1.9 crochet hook  * Darning needle  Tintin:Thin and black yarn, and crochet hook.  Snowy: 5 mm black, bead or eye .  *Yarn : Schachenmayr Catania %100cotton  50 gr. 125m.  Colors :  Skin color , Black , White , Yellow ,Dark green,  Light brown, Brick Red .  *PVC coated wire  *Textile Marker or black embroidery thread  *Blusher for the cheeks .  *Polyester for staffing  Tip (make it right)  If there are no special notes, the toy is crocheted under both parts of the loop. In some rows, there are special notes: ‘into the front loop only’ or ‘into the back loop only’. In such case, you need to follow those instructions.  Abbreviations used:  ch(s) = chain(s)  sl st = slip stitch  inc(s) = increase(s) (2 sc in 1 st)  st(s) = stitch(es)  dec (sc2tog) = decrease ( 2sc worked off together)  double dec (sc3tog) = decrease ( 3sc worked off together)  double inc= (3sc in 1 st)  sc(s) = single crochet(s)  hdc = half double crochet  inc hdc = (2hdc in … Read more

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