Santa Claus Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share free amigurumi patterns with you. In this article, you can knit the santa claus amigurumi free pattern with pleasure. MATERIALS  – Wool of different colors: white, black,  flesh color, red, yellow, sky blue.  – Wool thickness: 3-4 mm.  – Crochet needle suitable for the thickness of the yarn.  – Needle to sew wool.  – Synthetic filling.  Abbreviations  Sc: single crochet  İnc: increase  Dec: decrease  Fill as we knit.  If you have doubts about the points you can visit  Basic Stitches Tutorial to knit amigurumis  PATTERN LEGS  In black  1. Magic ring into 6 sc  2. Inc at all points (12).  3. “1 sc, inc”, repeat until the end of the  turn (18).  4. 1 sc in each stitch (18).  5. We knit in the upper part of the  chains 1 sc in each stitch (18).  We will return to this round to sew the  boots to the part of the chains that  … Read more

Cute Christmas Gnome Amigurumi Free Pattern

We share the best quality amigurumi christmas contents with you. In this article, we shared with you the amigurumi cute christmas gnome free pattern. Materials Flesh-colored yarn, as well as different yarn for boots, suit (3 colors) and for a beard. A hook that fits your yarn Stitching needle Toy filler Abbrevations: SC – single … Read more

Amigurumi Big Santa Claus Free Crochet Pattern

Welcome to our website where you can find the most beautiful and highest quality samples of Amigurumi patterns. All the amigurumi patterns you can’t find are available on our website. Every day we continue to share new amigurumi patterns for you. Stay tuned to reach these amigurumi patterns before anyone else My Santa Claus, measures … Read more

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