Ballerina Doll in Pink Dress Amigurumi Free Pattern

I share Amigurumi free patterns on my website. In this article, the ballerina doll in pink dress amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you.


Eyes :10mm 

Threads: Gazzal Baby Cotton/ Lanoso Simsim/Patsy Ten 

Wire: 65cm by 1.5mm 

Crochet: 2mm 

Shoes : 5cm 

Bead Fiber 


ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dec – decrease

inc – increase

sl-st – slip stitch



Magic ring into 6sc 


(1sc 1inc)6=18sc 

(2sc 1inc)6=24sc 

(3sc 1inc)6=30sc 

(4sc 1inc)6=36sc 

(5sc 1inc)6=42sc 

(6sc 1inc)6=48sc 

(7sc 1inc)6=54sc 

(8sc 1inc)6=60sc 

14 rows 60sc 

(Let’s use a 10mm screw eye with 7-8 spaces between the 18-19th rows.) 

(8sc 1dec)6=54sc 

(7sc 1dec)6=48sc 

(6sc 1dec)6=42sc 

(5sc 1dec)6=36sc 

(4sc 1dec)6=30sc 

(3sc 1dec)6=24sc 

(2sc 1dec)6=18sc 

3sc,1dec, 2sc, 1dec, 2sc, 1dec, 3sc,1dec = 14sc 

Let’s cut the rope. 

Haired Part: 

We apply the same head with yellow color as if we are starting the head for 10 rows. And we continue like this. 


11 rows fixed 

Tie 15 dc 2 ch sl-st. 2 ch 15dc. This part will go in front of the hair 


6sc into magic ring 






7 rows fixed 

(4sc,1dec) 6 



Buckle : 

11 dc on 13 ch 

back 2 ch 11 dc 

back 2 ch 11 dc 

Let’s wrap a rope in the middle. 


Magic ring into 6sc 


(4sc,1inc)*2, 2sc =14sc 

5 rows fixed 

14sc 2dec,12sc=12sc 

24 rows of fixed 12sc. 

We sew the sleeves to the body with a needle. 


Magic ring into 6sc 


(2sc,1inc)*4= 16sc 

(3sc,1inc)*4= 20sc 

2 rows of 20sc 6dec,8sc=14sc 

40 rows of 14sc 

Let’s knit 4 rows of 14sc in both legs with pink color and combine the legs with 4 ch. 14sc right leg, 14sc left leg we will have made a total of 8sc from both sides of the chain. Our torso will be 36sc. 

7 rows of 36sc. 

We’re going to the meat. 

1 ch pull back, 2inc as Blo, 1sc across row(60sc) 60sc across 13 rows 

We make double dc to each sc with 1 row of silvery rope. (120dc) 

We have completed our skirt. We go back to the waist part, 36sc to the flo part of the part we knitted before 

14 rows 36sc 

1 row 36sc as Blo with tan thread 

After that, we make 4 reductions in each row, one from the sides of the body, one from the front and one from the back. We continue until we have 14 sc. 

We knit 4 rows of 14sc. The arms are later to the torso. We sew it and add it as a flo after the hanger and frill part. 3ch cekip.batiz frills are formed. 


Back to 38 ch 38dc 

2 ch back 2inc, 1dc, across row. back 3 ch pull a hole skip along the row. 

Thread the ends and tie it around the baby’s waist. 


12 Let’s make a link from the chain. Let’s draw 3 ch in the middle of the ring and sink. Let’s do this until the ring is full. 

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