Crochet Superman and Batman Amigurumi Free Pattern | DIY Superhero Toys

Get ready to bring your favorite superheroes to life with our free crochet pattern for Superman and Batman amigurumi! Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, these DIY superhero toys are a must-have for your collection. With detailed instructions and step-by-step photos, you’ll enjoy crafting these cute and cuddly characters. So grab your crochet hook and yarn, and let’s get started on this exciting adventure of crafting our own superheroes!

Necessary Materials 

For one character, you’ll need about 120g of plush yarn. I use Himalaya Dolphin Baby (120m – 100g). 


10g – 80353 or 80342 (YarnArt Dolce 771) – body (head) 

55g – 80311 (YarnArt Dolce 742) – shoes, gloves, shorts, cape, mask, emblem 

5g – 80302 or 80313 (YarnArt Dolce 761) – belt, emblem 

50g – 80320 or light gray 80351 (YarnArt Dolce 760 or light gray 782) – suit 

Felt: white, yellow, black. 


15g – 80353 or 80342 (YarnArt Dolce 771) – head, arms 

40g – 80318 or 80352 (YarnArt Dolce 748) – shoes, shorts, cape 

10g – 80311 (YarnArt Dolce 742) – hair 

5g – 80302 or 80313 (YarnArt Dolce 761) – belt 

50g – 80326 or 80327 or 80341 (Dolce 768 or 777) – suit 

Felt: yellow, red. 

Eyes: 10mm. 

Crochet hooks: 4mm, 2mm. 

Stuffing (polyester fiberfill). 

Polymer glue (e.g., Decostyle, Crystal). Not super glue. 

Long sewing needle (12cm). 

Needle with a wide eye (for closing holes at the end of crocheting). 

Strong nylon thread for attaching parts, dental floss. 

Pins with ball ends. 

Stocking needles. 


Crochet Abbreviations 

ch – chain; 

sc – single crochet; 

inc – increase (work 2 sc in one stitch); 

dec – decrease (work 2 sc together); 

sl st – slip stitch; 

( ) * n – repeat the sequence in parentheses n times. 


The yarn consumption, size, and appearance of the toy depend on the density of crocheting and thread thickness. I crochet tightly. The toy is crocheted in a spiral, without turning chains. You can use a stitch marker or contrasting thread to mark the beginning of a row. 

Changing Yarn 

You can watch on YouTube: “Changing color. Changing color for crochet pattern. Amigurumi. Crochet.” 

Starting Crochet 

When crocheting with plush yarn, I make a chain of two chains and work the specified number of stitches into the second chain stitch from the hook. 

Batman’s Arms 

Start with black yarn. 

Make a chain of two chains. 

Row 1: 7 sc in the second chain from the hook. 

Row 2: 7 inc (14). 

Rows 3-4: 14 sc. 

Switch to gray yarn. 

Rows 5-7: 14 sc (3 rows). 

Row 8: dec, 12 sc (13). 

Row 9: dec, 11 sc (12). 

Rows 10-14: 12 sc (5 rows). 

Row 15: 6 dec (6). 

Cut the yarn. 

Closing Holes with a Needle 

Insert the remaining yarn into the needle and pick up each loop through the front loop, pulling the yarn to close the hole. 

Then, pick up all or several loops around with the needle again. 

Hide the yarn inside, pull it tightly, and cut it neatly close to the crochet. 

Batman’s Legs and Body 

Crochet two legs. 

Start with black yarn. Crochet shoes. 

Make a chain of two chains. 

Row 1: 8 sc in the second chain from the hook. 

Row 2: 8 inc (16). 

Row 3: 16 sc through the back loop. 

Rows 4-5: 16 sc. 

Switch to gray yarn. Crochet a suit. 

Rows 6-9: 16 sc (4 rows). 

Switch to black yarn. Crochet shorts. 

Row 10 for the first leg: 16 sc – sl st. Cut the yarn. 

Row 10 for the second leg: 16 sc + 2 sc. Do not cut the yarn. 

Join the legs: from the second leg, crochet 3 chains. 

Find the sl st on the first leg and under it, the 16th sc in the ninth row. Insert the hook UNDER THE SL ST into the 16th sc of the ninth row and crochet a sl st. 

Next: 1 sc, (inc, 3 sc)*3, inc, 2 sc. 

On one side of the chain: sl st, inc, sl st. 

Sl st, (inc, 3 sc)*3, inc, 2 sc. 

On the other side of the chain: sl st, inc, sl st. 

Mark the end of the row with a marker. 

Rows 11-12: 48 sc (2 rows). 

Row 13: 8 sc, dec, 23 sc, dec, 13 sc (46). 

Row 14: 46 sc. 

Switch to yellow yarn. Crochet a belt. 

Row 15: 46 sc. 

Row 16: 7 sc, dec, 23 sc, dec, 12 sc (44). 

Row 17: 44 sc. Stuff the legs tightly. 

Switch to gray yarn. Crochet a suit. 

Row 18: 44 sc. 

Row 19: 6 sc, dec, 23 sc, dec, 11 sc (42). 

Row 20: 42 sc. 

Row 21: (4 sc, dec)*7 times (35). 

Rows 22-23: 35 sc. Stuff the body. 

Row 24: (3 sc, dec)*7 times (28). 

Row 25: 28 sc. 

Row 26: (2 sc, dec)*7 times (21). 

Row 27: 21 sc. 

Row 28: (2 sc, dec)*5 times, 1 sc (16). 

Row 29: 16 sc + sl st. Stuff the body completely. 

Batman’s Head 

Start with black yarn. Crochet a mask. 

Make a chain of two chains. 

Row 1: 7 sc in the second chain from the hook. 

Row 2: 7 inc (14). 

Row 3: (1 sc, inc)*7 times (21). 

Row 4: (2 sc, inc)*7 times (28). 

Row 5: (3 sc, inc)*7 times (35). 

Row 6: (4 sc, inc)*7 times (42). 

Row 7: (5 sc, inc)*7 times (49). 

Rows 8-11: 49 sc (4 rows). 

Switch to the body color. 

Rows 12-15: 49 sc (4 rows). 

Row 16: (5 sc, dec)*7 times (42). 

Row 17: (4 sc, dec)*7 times (35). 

Row 18: (3 sc, dec)*7 times (28). 

Row 19: (2 sc, dec)*7 times (21). 

Row 20: (2 sc, dec)*5 times, 1 sc (16). 

Cut the yarn, hide it. Stuff the head firmly. 


Crochet a chain of 11 chains. 

Row 1: Starting from the second chain from the hook, crochet 10 single crochets (sc) through both loops until the end. 

Row 2: Chain one, turn, single crochet (sc) across, make 1 increase (inc), 8 sc, inc. 

Row 3: Chain one, turn, 12 sc. 

Row 4: Chain one, turn, sc across, inc, 10 sc, inc. 

Rows 5-9: Chain one, turn, 14 sc. 

Row 10: Chain one, turn, sc across, inc, 12 sc, inc. 

Rows 11-13: Chain one, turn, 14 sc. 

Cut the yarn. Begin edging in the round from the first row, moving down the left side (12 sc), at the corner make a combination (sc, chain one, sc), crochet along the bottom (15 sc), at the corner (sc, chain one, sc), go up the right side (13 sc). Do not edge the top. Leave a tail. Sew along the posts of the 27th row. 

Attaching the Head to the Body 

Secure the head with pins, as shown in the last photo of the previous page. Sew behind the posts of the 28th row. 

Attaching the Arms 

Use thread attachment to sew on the arms. Watch the video on YouTube titled “Thread attachment, very detailed, how to attach legs and arms to a toy using thread.” 

Batman’s Ears 

Crochet in black. 

Chain two. 

Row 1: 5 sc in the second chain from the hook. 

Row 2: 5 sc, inc (7). 

Row 3: 6 sc, inc (8). 

Row 4: 7 sc, inc (9). 

Row 5: 8 sc, inc (10). 

Row 6: 10 sc. 

Row 7: 9 sc, inc (11). 

Row 8: 10 sc, inc (12). 

Row 9: 11 sc, inc (13). 

Row 10: 12 sc, inc (14). 

Crochet 7 more sc, fold the piece, sc the two sides together (7 sc). 

Leave a tail for sewing. 

Attaching the Ears 

Sew the ears, rising 1-2 rows above the mask line. Place them squarely above the legs and arms. To prevent them from falling, sew inside to the head. Secure them with thread attachment like the arms. 

Embroidering the Nose 

Use plush yarn to make stitches. Secure the beginning of the thread under the ear: bring it out at the mask line and bring it back to the same point 3-4 rows below. The width of the nose is 6-7 sc. Do not pull the thread tightly. Bring out the end under the ear, secure, and cut. 

Crocheting Batman’s Emblem 

Crochet with a 2mm hook. 

Crochet an oval in yellow. 

Note: The diagram is drawn with double crochet stitches, but we will crochet everything with single crochets. 

Chain 12. 

Row 1: Inc in the second chain from the hook, 9 sc along one side, in the last chain stitch make 3 sc (2 sc along one side of the chain and 1 sc along the other), 9 sc along the other side, in the last stitch make 1 sc. 

Row 2: 2 inc, 9 sc, 3 inc, 9 sc, 1 inc. 

In the next row, crochet 1 sc + 1 sc in each increase of the previous row. 

Row 3: Inc, 1 sc, inc, 1 sc, 9 sc, inc, 1 sc, inc, 1 sc, inc, 1 sc, 9 sc, inc, 1 sc, inc, 1 sc, inc, 1 sc + slip stitch (ss). Leave a tail of 20-30 cm. 

Crocheting a Black Bat 

Crochet with single crochets. 

Chain 13. 

From the second chain from the hook, crochet 2 sc, skip 2 chains, 2 sc, make 2 chains, crochet 2 sc, skip 2 chains, 2 sc. 

Finish crocheting. You should have a zigzag. 

Sew the bat to the oval. 

Sew the emblem to the body. 

Eyes from Felt 

Cut out from white felt, you can quickly singe the edges of the details and glue them. Optionally, you can cut out the emblem from felt: an oval from yellow and a bat from black. Glue them together. 


The description is almost the same as for Batman. 


Rows 1-4: Body color. 

Rows 5-15: Blue suit. 

Legs and Body 

Rows 1-5: Red shoes. 

Rows 6-9: Blue suit. 

Rows 10-14: Red shorts. 

Next, crochet a belt of desired width (3 rows for Batman – 15-17, and 2 rows for Superman – 15-16). 

Rows 15-16: Yellow belt. 

Rows 17-29: Blue suit. 


Crochet with body color. 

Chain 6 sc in a magic ring. Do not pull tightly, leave threads for sewing. Sew the ears parallel to the eyes and arms. 


Crochet entirely with body color. 

Place the eyes between rows 9-10. 

Embroider the nose: 5-6 stitches, 4 sc wide. 


Crochet in black. 

Chain two. 

Row 1: 8 sc in the second chain from the hook. 

Row 2: 8 inc (16). 

Row 3: (1 sc, inc)*8 times (24). 

Row 4: (2 sc, inc)*8 times (32). 

Row 5: (3 sc, inc)*8 times (40). 

Row 6: (4 sc, inc)*8 times (48). 

Row 7: 48 sc. 

Row 8: (5 sc, inc)*8 times (56). 

Rows 9-10: 56 sc. Immediately crochet a curl: ss, 5 chains – go back down starting from the second chain from the hook: 3 sc in 1 stitch, 3 inc, ss in the main row. Turn inside out, sew. 


Crochet entirely in red. No changes. 

Attach the head. 

Attach the arms. 

Cut out the emblem from felt, glue it. 

Your superheroes are ready! I hope you enjoyed the process of creating and will return to this description again! 

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